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Top things to eat in Melbourne, Australia

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Melbourne...

Posted on 02 February 2018

Melbourne appreciates and tenderly loves their food. Get ready to be stuffed when you go to Melbourne. Why? Because Melbourne is a place where you will find countless selections of amazing restaurants and cafes. The use of fresh ingredients is common practice and with so many choices; you will inevitably have some dreamily amazing meals.

For Breakfast, Ricotta Hotcakes at Top Paddock

The most important meal of the day. If you love a nice, hot meal of some cakes, these ricotta hotcakes are ready to blow you away and get you started for a big day of adventure in Melbourne. This gorgeously prepped, instagram-worthy, thoughtfully delicious and intriguingly fragrant dish of hotcakes is a bucket-list, must-have!

Photo taken by: LiveLifeLoveCake

For Lunch, Burgers at 8bit

A simple burger? Yes. A simple burger. A simple burger that will change your life. A simple burger that will put other burgers into utter shame. A simple burger that is prepared in the best way possible. Fresh ingredients. Check. Simplicity. Check. Delicious? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. Once you have had some of this combination of beautifully melted American Cheese, perfectly tender and delicate burger-meat, amazingly toasted bread and freshly picked tomato and lettuce; you will understand why it was all worth the wait. So eat. And be sure to wash it all down with their smooth peanut butter shake. Yum.

Photo taken by: The Burger Adventure

For Dinner, Fish and Chips at Australian Seafood Fish and Chippery

This traditional English meal isn’t only an English favourite. Some of the most popular, freshest and generously meaty fish and chips in all of the continent comes from the inexpensive Australian Seafood Fish and Chippery. People flock in on Mondays to either try or aid their Fish and Chip addiction time and time again. Its reputation is unprecedented. It is a surprise that they manage to always, ALWAYS live up to the hype. All-in for some fish and chips? Yes, please.

Photo taken by: GoodFood

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