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7 Snacks You Must Try at Thailand's 7-Eleven!

Step aside, Family Mart.

Posted on 08 July 2019

Source: may1215 / pixnet

Remember when Family Mart opened our eyes to a whole new world of convenience stores that go beyond Maggi cups and cold sandwich aisles? From Oden to imported Japanese ice-cream, we’ve discovered that it’s possible to have fulfilling 3-course meals without breaking the bank at these small corner stores.

Now, be prepared to be amazed by Thailand’s 7-Eleven, which is miles ahead of our local 7-E. Loaded with an array of choices in snacks, beverages and everyday items, it’s the perfect stop for travellers looking for a unique souvenir to bring home or a quick, cheap meal. Here are 8 unique snacks that you must try at 7-Eleven Thailand! By the end of your trip, you’ll be lugging a suitcase jam-packed with snacks and goodies.



Warm Toasties

Source: may1215 / pixnet

Getting tired of the basic egg sandwich? Time to try 7-Eleven’s assorted toasties! These delicious sandwiches are filled to the brim with a variety of fillings and make the perfect rest stop snack to re-energise you for your journey. Whether you’re having sweet or savoury cravings, 7-Eleven has an impressive sandwich aisle that features flavours like grilled cheese, tuna cranberry, matcha and strawberry cream cheese. You can also ask the cashier to heat up your sandwich for you.

Source: Wanchen’s Blog

Sticky Rice Burger


Another speciality of 7-Eleven Thailand is the sticky rice burger! They’re kind of like Family Mart’s Fried Rice Onigiri but even more extra. With choices like grilled pork or basil pork, you’ll get a juicy grilled patty sandwiched between two sticky rice buns that taste best when fresh out of the microwave. If you’re Muslim, they also offer fried chicken burgers that are just as delicious.

Rice Toppings

Source: TripCanvas

When you have rice but you have nothing to eat it with... An Asian Tragedy. Well, the tragedy ends here as Thailand’s 7-Eleven carries a wide range of rice toppings that will certainly add flavour to your late night meals abroad. The chicken floss and pork floss offer a taste of home, whereas the pink salmon toppings provide a more gourmet fast food experience.

Sticky Rice Dessert Cup

Source: TripCanvas

Queueing for an hour at a roadside stall to try some famous dessert is Malaysia’s favourite pastime (Cendol, anyone?), but sometimes we’re so worn out from travelling that all we need is a quick sugar fix. Luckily, you can now get traditional Thai desserts in a cup - from mango sticky rice to green bean soup to sago pudding. If you love a fragrant, creamy dessert, you should definitely try 7-Eleven’s sago with corn and coconut milk.

Le Pan Banana Cake

Source: Gllc Corporation

Want to try the famous Tokyo Banana but you’re on a budget? Thailand’s Le Pan Banana Cake is a great alternative that costs less than RM2 each. Featuring an adorable banana mascot on its wrapper, this fluffy banana-shaped cake is filled with smooth custard cream at its core. It’s the perfect gift to bring home for your friends and family (even your elders will appreciate that the cake isn’t too sweet). There are also flavours like chocolate and strawberry for people who aren’t fans of the banana.

Source: Wanchen’s Blog

Dried Fruits

Source: PEKO の Simple Life

Dried fruits may be not the most exotic item on this list, but they certainly deserve a mention based on the sheer size of 7-Eleven’s range. While preserved mangoes are definitely a must-try in Thailand, they also carry other fruits like strawberry, tomatoes, guava, as well as unique flavours like chilli lemon. We highly recommend buying those under the Doi Kham or LOVE FARM brand as seen above.

Source: PEKO の Simple Life


Source: Tofusan

Now that we’ve raided the snack aisles of 7-Eleven, we’d need a cool drink to wash them all down. While you won’t find bubble tea at 7-Eleven Thailand, you will find Tofusan - an organic soymilk brand that has drawn crowds with its distinctive range of flavours. Among its more unique flavours are Hokkaido Melon, Belgium Choco and Thai Herbal Tea, which gives you a healthier and equally delicious alternative to milk tea.

Source: Ma Feng Wo

One of the reasons people love travelling to Thailand is the convenience of the local 7-Eleven’s, where you can get your food, snacks, toiletries and souvenirs all in one place. If you’re planning to visit there soon, Packist offers the best premium Thailand travel packages inclusive of accommodation and city tours. What’s more, you can customise the itinerary to suit your interests and preferences. Click here and let Packist plan your dream vacation.

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