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Hokkaido's Blossoming Spring

Japan's Natural, National Treasure...

Posted on 05 February 2018

Hokkaido’s blossoming spring arrives early in the month of March and ends late in May. For international incomers, this period is an opportunity to embark upon an adventure into some of the world’s most gorgeous outlands that only a spring in Hokkaido can offer.

Photo taken by: PandoTrip

Hokkaido is locally considered as Japan’s natural, national treasure. Gorgeous all year round, Hokkaido is commonly defined by its amazing cherry blossom (‘Sakura’) viewing opportunities (‘Hanami’) during spring. Standing victor among all other geologically spectacular Japanese islands, Hokkaido is internationally revered by tourists for its untamed, undamaged, stunning wildernesses.


As the snow begins to melt and the brightening colours emerge - diverse and beautiful. Hokkaido’s King of Seasons - Spring, commences with blossoms of sakura, tulips, chives, poppies, perennials and pink moss phloxes. A myriad of awe-inspiring scapes of colour and life.

Experience unprecedented visuals of Hanami when you visit the remarkable Fort Goryokaku. You will be astonished by the blossoming sight of the truly historically prominent star fort. Being the main fort of the short lived Republic of Ezo and the centerpoint of Japan’s first suffrage, democratic movement - Fort Goryokaku is a must visit during this period.

Photo taken by: VacationNiseko

Furthermore, the Matsumae Castle Park’s magnificently unique surrounding of cherry blossoms is a must see. Spring blossomings cultivates a blanket of Sakura pink upon the historical royal estate. The park always exhibits an authentic, traditional Japanese feel. During the Spring, the traditional Japanese feel prevails while coupling itself with a romantically amazing vibrance.

Photo taken by: Japan-Guide

Hokkaido has an endless and diverse range of attractions for its visitor. Other than Sakuras, you can enjoy your visit to Kamiyubetsu Tulip farm and have a taste of a Netherlands’ styled tulip farm in Japan. Another formidable place during the Spring would be the Takinoue Park, this is because you will want to witness the blossoming of pink moss phloxes (‘Shibazakura’). Eye candy. Everywhere.  

Photo taken by: HokkaidoLikers

Additionally, you can visit Japan’s largest zoo, Asahiyawa Zoo. With over 800 animals from 150 species, you will learn and definitely enjoy your time with your family here. Be sure to catch a glimpse of some Polar Bears, Tigers, Red Pandas and many, many more!

Photo taken by: AirDo

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