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6 Mouthwatering Dishes You Must Try in Bangkok

The best of Thai cuisine

Posted on 26 December 2019

Source: Evan Krause / Unsplash

Any trip to Thailand is incomplete without a feast, and Bangkok is the perfect place for it! The capital city is filled with food carts and busy markets where vendors offer up delicious local cuisine that is also delightfully cheap. If you’re a glutton on a mission, Bangkok should be high up on your travel bucket list as it will open your eyes - or rather, your mouth - to unique, exotic flavours. Here are 7 dishes you can find in Bangkok that will certainly make you drool!

Khanom Krok

Source: Miss Mina / YouTube

Khanom khrok is a type of pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk. The pancake on its own has an aromatic coconut fragrance, and depending on what you like, additional toppings can be added to the batter, including sugar, shredded coconut, peanuts, corn, green onions, taro and pandan essence. The texture of khanom khrok is similar to our own apam balik, but the traditional Thai dessert comes in round, bite-size shapes that you can easily pop into your mouth. A dozen of these mini pancakes will usually cost you less than RM3.

Source: lnewman333 / Flickr

Tom Yum Noodles

Source: Daniel Food Diary

Tom yum is a classic Thai hot and sour broth that is beloved worldwide with different versions in many countries. In Bangkok, Pe Aor Tom Yum Kung Noodle (also known as P’Aor) is one of the best places to get your Tom Yum fix. The restaurant’s claim to fame is a variation of Tom Yum noodles that is topped with giant tiger prawns -- and it will cost you less than RM10 for one bowl. For the gourmet foodie, you can even upgrade to the lobster bowl, which can be shared among 4 to 6 people. While this variation carries a heftier price tag (around RM160), it’s definitely worth it as the bowl is loaded with squids, mussels, fish and prawns in addition to a whole rock lobster.

Source: Daniel Food Diary

Thai Beef Noodles

Source: Travelvui

If you love your beef pho, you will also love Thai beef noodles! While both variations are similar in many ways, the Thai version typically features a darker broth. The best place to try this dish is definitely Wattana Panich, which has more than 60 years of history. Housed in an old-school Chinese shophouse, you won’t miss the gigantic wok used to keep the beef stew warm at the shopfront. The stew - filled with chunks of beef and Chinese spices - is brewed for extremely long periods, making for a delightfully thick brown soup with tender meat. You can pair the stew with your favourite noodles or a bowl of rice -- each serving costs around RM12.

Source: Eating Thai Food

Grilled Beef Meatballs

Source: HostelWorld

To continue on the theme of beef dishes, another Bangkok street food you shouldn’t miss is grilled beef meatballs! A popular joint to get them is Lookshin Tongchai, a nondescript shop that is difficult to locate on maps. You’ll find it at the corner of side street known as Soi Rambuttri. The handmade meatballs at Lookshin Tongchai are grilled over hot charcoal and glazed with a sweet and spicy sauce. The best part is that each skewer only costs around RM1, making it an extremely affordable snack.

Fried Quail Eggs

Source: Temporarily Lost

Cooked in the same type of pan as khanom krok, fried quail eggs are essentially mini sunny side-ups that are seasoned with a special Thai sauce and pepper. This popular Thai snack has crispy edges and a soft centre, and despite its small size, it will give you a burst of flavour and energy to get you going during your travels. You can find fried quail eggs all over Bangkok, and price per plate is usually from RM1 to RM5.

Source: Travelvui

Khao Neow Dam Sang Kaya

Souce: HostelWorld

If you’re a sweet tooth looking to try something other than mango sticky rice, Khao Neow Dam Sang Kaya is a great choice to satisfy your glutinous rice dessert cravings. The main component of this dish is the black sticky rice, which is topped with a splash of coconut cream and a dollop of kaya (or creamy coconut custard if you’re feeling super extra). The dessert is served on a banana leaf to bring out its fragrance.

One of the best Khao Neow Dam Sang Kaya can be found at the Silom Soi 20 morning market, where you’ll find a kindly aunty selling this sticky dessert from a metal tub. The stall opens around 7am and the dessert is usually sold out by 9am, so remember to get there as early as possible!

Source: Eating Thai Food

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