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Let’s get artsy! Discover Malaysia’s Best 5 Aesthetically Pleasing Street Full of Arts

Grab your cameras, because we are going to explore some of Malaysia’s insta-worthy streets!

Posted on 05 August 2019

Bored of dull, gray-scaled buildings surrounding you everyday? Are up for a walk down the streets in Malaysia for some colour? Because we are about to explore some of the most aesthetically pleasing back alleys of our streets that are painted with art, depicting our local life! Street art is nothing new to Malaysia, in fact, it has been popular in recent years especially in places where tourists are high. This time we are taking you to Malaysia’s best 5 artsy streets!

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1. Kuala Lumpur Street Art

Kwai Chai Hong Project at Lorong Panggung


What’s a capital city if its street is dull and sorrow with no colours? Surely, Kuala Lumpur is a city that is already known to be lively with attractions, entertainment and famous food spots, and of course, street art is also something that you can easily spot around KL. A walk down the streets of Chinatown, Petaling Street, Lembah Ampang or Klang River are some of the areas where you can find those colourful paintings on the walls. In Lorong Panggung or also known as Kwai Chai Hong in Petaling Street , 10 shophouses have recently been restored as 5 local Chinese artists painted it under Kwai Chai Hong Project. The murals painted on the walls aim to bring the history of Chinese settlers in the era 1960s back alive. The project certainly has brought the alley back in the limelight as more people visited the area since the restoration move!

“Rage against the machine” at Jalan Sultan


“Rage Against The Machine” is an art installation of a school bus with paintings of raging students that has been one of the most popular KL street arts at Jalan Sultan. It was painted by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithunanian artist that has contributed majorly in Malaysia’s street art.

2. Penang Street Art

“Boy on Bike” & "Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" Ah Quee Street


The trendsetter that started the street art phenomenon in Malaysia lies within the heart of Penang that is where else if not..George Town! If you find yourself in the streets of George Town, you most definitely will discover Armenian Street and Muntri Street Lane. These are where you will find famous paintings and props in almost every corner of the alleys that were also painted by Ernest Zachrevic and other foreign artists a few years back. Each and every art that can be found on the walls of George Town tells a story from the locals’ eye and the origin of the place just like the infamous “Boy on Bike” art that can be seen regularly posted on social media by visitors of the street. The uniqueness of the street art in Penang is how tourists can be “in” the art as there are props set up with paintings where people can interact with when posing for a photo.

“Little Girl in Blue” at Muntri Street


The gigantic mural of “Little Girl in Blue” is also one of the art pieces that often have tourists in awe. Its quirk that interacts with the two window pane as a support is definitely something that won’t pass someone’s eye when walking along Muntri Street in Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site state.

3. Malacca Street Art

Kiehls’s Wall at Jonker Walk 

Another city that is also verified as UNESCO World Heritage Site, discovering Malacca will meet you with its historical remnants and colourful street full of vibrant art. Just bring yourself to Jonker Street area and Melaka River Cruise area and your eyes will catch ‘em all aesthetic murals! If you’re looking for an ootd wall that is colourful and will make your insta feed pop, go around the Jonker Walk ‘till you find Kiehl's Wall! The building was built by Kiehls with a collaboration with artist; Fritilldea. If you’re in Lorong Tukang Besi, try to spot the super adorable The Orang Utan House mural, and don't forget to support our local’s gallery by purchasing their designed t-shirts!

The Orang Utan House at Lorong Tukang Besi


4. Ipoh Street Art

“Old Uncle with Coffee Cup” at Jalan Tun Sambathan


Ipoh is another city in which its street art is not to be missed, and it can be found at Ipoh Old Town and New Town. In the Old Town is where you can find the “Old Uncle with Coffee Cup” mural painted on the walls of an Old Town White Coffee branch. Back in 2014, Old Town White Coffee, Ernest and other artists work together for Ipoh Mural Art Trail Project which gives birth to the evolution of street arts in Ipoh. 

“Kids Playing Hide and Seek” at Hugh Low Street


The New Town in Ipoh is where you will discover a series of wall art by Ipoh’s very own artist, Eric Lai. He implemented the same art concept that depicts the cultural heritage of Malaysians, but in his own style as can be seen in one of his paintings, “Kids Playing Hide and Seek”.

5. Johor Street Art 

Lego artwork at Pasar Karat


In Johor is where you can find very playful and quirky street arts especially in Lorong Pasar Karat. When Legoland first came to Johor, Ernest yet again jump in with his brushes to bring colour to the walls in Johor streets with Lego paintings! One of his controversial Lego mural was removed, but you can still spot the others!


Street art is certainly a great way to preserve our culture, heritage, and history in the form of paintings on the walls. We should be proud that Malaysia is one of the countries in Asia that is rich in art! So, make sure you discover all the aesthetic, insta-worthy streets that we suggested!

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