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Shopping in Vietnam: 5 Coolest Local Products You Should Buy!

They make great gifts too.

Posted on 23 July 2019

Source: Mr Linh’s Adventures

While visiting a foreign country like Vietnam, it’s normal to get a souvenir or two before heading home, but… what to buy ah? Do we really want another keychain or T-shirt that says “I love Vietnam”? (That one Malaysia also got lah.) To give you some other ideas, here are 5 uniquely-Vietnamese products you can take home as a memento of your visit or as gifts for your loved ones that won’t end up in the back of a closet.

Vietnamese Drip Coffee Filter

Source: @natsuko_npvn5 / Instagram

Vietnam’s iconic coffee maker, known as a phin, is the secret to their strong, flavourful brew. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works -- put some coarsely ground beans into the drip filter, pour hot water to watch it slowly trickle into the cup beneath... and voilà! You’ve made your very own Vietnamese coffee!


Since you’re already in Vietnam, don’t just stop at getting the basic grey metal ones! At coffee joints like The Workshop Coffee, you will find beautiful artisanal phins, as well as ornate ones fit for royalty. If you don’t drink coffee, these drip filters, which come with an equally-fancy cup, double up as amazing décor for your kitchen space.


Rattan Bags

Source: ベトナム リアル ガイド

Rattan bags are inexpensive, durable and functional souvenirs, and Hana Vietnam kicks them up a notch by making them fashionable too! From handbags to baskets, you will find beautifully-embellished rattan bags that cater to different aesthetics and styles. Hana Vietnam also offers wholesale prices so you should definitely bulk-buy with your travel buddies.



Marou Chocolates

Source: @hcmguide / Instagram

Ok, chocolates may sound like your standard airport souvenir, but Marou Chocolate is an exception! Made with the best cacao beans harvested from the Vietnamese countryside, Marou Chocolate comes in assorted flavours (like Arabica Coffee Dark Chocolate) and unique packaging in various shades, making it a great gift for friends and family. The distinctive Oriental patterns on the wrapper represent the chocolate’s Vietnamese origins. You can get Marou Chocolate at the basement level of Saigon Centre, and do some well-deserved shopping while you’re at it.


Marou has even released an adorable collection of dog-shaped chocolates. You can pick the doggy characters you like from the bar and they’ll be packed into a beautiful book-like box (36 or 68 pieces per set). Depending on the dogs you choose, you’ll either get more white chocolates or more dark chocolates.


Miss Saigon Perfume


The conical hat and the áo dài are synonymous with traditional Vietnamese fashion, but they’re not the most functional souvenirs (imagine wearing a conical hat to the pasar pagi). Fortunately, you can acquire something close to them with Miss Saigon Perfume -- many travellers don’t leave Vietnam without buying a few!

Source: Saigon Link Journey

Available in different scents, the bottle is shaped like a woman sporting the iconic hat and long dress so it will definitely look so #aesthetic on your dresser or vanity. What’s more, they make fragrances for men too!

Source: @adele_fung / Instagram


Source: Vietcetera

Vietnam is renowned for their long-standing tradition of high-quality silk production. Since the 16th century, multiple villages across Vietnam have been planting mulberry tree, nurturing silkworms and weaving the smooth fabric. Today, you’ll find plenty of shops and boutiques along the streets of these villages that are selling silks of different colours and patterns. From scarves to shirts to dresses, the best places to get authentic silk products are Hoi An Silk Village and Van Phuc Silk Village.

Source: Exploring Hanoi

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