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Seria Tokyo: A 100 Yen Shop that’s Even Better than Daiso!

Japan’s classiest dollar store ❤

Posted on 30 July 2019

Source: JW Web Magazine

Have you ever walked into Daiso with only one item on your shopping list… but still end up walking out with a bazillion novelty items that you certainly don’t need need?


While Daiso definitely deserves all the love it gets in Malaysia, Japan is home to an amazing collection of dollar stores with inventories you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

One of the most well-known 100 yen stores in Tokyo is Seria (セリア), where you’ll find a huuuuge range of handicraft goods, kitchenware, homeware, stationery, cleaning supplies, gardening tools and assorted accessories. The products here are notably stylish, cute and #aesthetic, and each item is, of course, only ¥‎100 (RM3.90)!


Source: Tokyo Creative

Unlike your regular dollar stores, Seria embraces a more aesthetic vision and cater to more upscale tastes. As such, you will find a finer range of designer products here -- many of which are exclusives from big brands like Sanrio and Disney. From Gudetama wet wipes and cutlery to Hello Kitty contact lens cases to Mickey Mouse washi tape, you no longer have to take that expensive trip to Disneyland or Sanrio official store to buy authentic branded merchandise.

Source: Tokyo Creative

You can get a cute pair of Gudetama socks for RM3.90 at Seria!

Source: Tokyo Creative


Source: Tokyo Creative

If you’re all about that aesthetic décor but you’re too broke to splurge at Typo, Seria also features large collections of ceramic and glassware that certainly look like they came straight out of Tumblr.


Source: @my_name_is_mami / Instagram

Source: @Kaiu1107 / Instagram

With an abundance of fabrics and knitting yarns in colourful shades and patterns, Seria is a paradise for craft enthusiasts.

Source: Tofugu

Source: Missy Bon Bon

The hair accessories and jewellery here are also well-stocked and beautifully-designed. Where else can you get a pair of high-quality earrings for only RM3.90?

Source: Tokyo Creative

Despite its cheap prices, there is nothing cheap about the atmosphere and the products sold at Seria. The store has a clean, minimalistic interior with green and white accents that are easy on the eyes and make you feel relaxed while shopping.

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Seria Marui Shinjuku Annex Store

Business Hours: 11am - 9pm (Monday to Saturday), 11am - 8.30pm (Sunday)

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