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Ho Chi Minh City’s Cafe 81: A Cafe Made of Childhood Memories

A vintage Instagram paradise awaits.

Posted on 08 August 2019

Source: i Tour Vietnam

After spending the day exploring Ho Chi Minh City, there’s nothing like downing a glass of Vietnamese iced coffee to cool off from the weather. Nestled within District 1, the city’s central urban district, is a not-so-urban cafe made of childhood memories and lost things.

Source: Saigoneer

Cua Hang Cafe 81, more commonly known as 81cafe in the English-speaking world, is the perfect place to drink and unwind as you take in the retro, eccentric atmosphere reminiscent of childhood days spent at grandma’s place. The nostalgic space is scattered with vintage décor, rusty machines, old books and lacquer paintings, which surround the 20th-century Vietnamese household-style seating where guests can lounge.

Source: Saigoneer

Source: 81cafe / Facebook

Even if you have no thirst to quench, 81cafe is still a feast for the soul as you explore the well-worn objects and catch a glimpse of Vietnam in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The cafe’s vintage collection includes a Russian sewing machine, a small retro TV set and radio cassettes.

Source: 81cafe / Facebook

Apart from that, you will also find moss-tainted statues amidst a variety of potted plants, which are stunning to view under the natural light leaking in from the rooftop.

Source: 81cafe / Facebook

81cafe only serves beverages, and one can tell that each drink is crafted with much heart and patience and using the finest ingredients. A cup of coffee will cost you around RM5 to RM6 depending on what you order, which is certainly cheap for a cafe with such ambiance and splendid décor.

Source: Hung Slim /

For a refreshing drink, the Nuoc Da Me, which literally translates to “tamarind ice cubes”, is worth the try! This sweet and sour drink is made with tamarind pulp that has deliciously chewy seeds and a generous serving of crunchy roasted peanuts on top. Other menu highlights include Northern Vietnam Tea, Ginger Honey Kumquat Honey, Honey Lime, Salted Plum Kumquat Juice and Arrowroot Drink.

Source: Saigoneer

Source: 81cafe / Facebook

Source: 81cafe / Facebook

Source: 81cafe / Facebook

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Cửa Hàng Cafe 81 (81cafe on Google Maps)

Address: 28 Nguyễn Hữu Cầu, P, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Business Hours: 7am - 10.30pm

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