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Taipei's Eslite Spectrum Mall: Enjoy a Unique Shopping Experience in Taiwan

Discover Taiwan's iconic department store~

Posted on 01 September 2019


Shopping malls aren’t usually on top of our overseas travel itineraries because, well, Malaysia no shopping mall ah? However, The Eslite Spectrum (誠品生活) in Taiwan is definitely worth a visit because it offers a more sophisticated shopping experience and puts its customers’ comfort first.

You will not find harsh artificial lights and disorganised collections of shops here. Eslite Spectrum embraces natural lighting, carefully-curated artisanal and high-end brands, and basically all things aesthetic. Since Eslite has multiple stores across Taiwan (most of which are super ambient bookstores), this post will focus on what you can do at the Eslite Spectrum Nanxi branch (誠品生活南西店).

Source: Taiwan News

Located in the Zhongshan District of Taipei, Eslite Spectrum fuses the Japanese art of Zakka and quirky Taiwanese designs in its 5-storey space. Don’t worry about getting lost as there are well-placed directories that list all the shops you can explore on each floor. From accessories to homewares to fashion and beauty products, the department store features a mix of international and homegrown brands that can take hours to browse through.

Source: Vogue Taiwan

Source: Vogue Taiwan

One of the featured Taiwanese brands here is about KUAN, both a restaurant and a home goods store that caters to the aesthetic lifestyle. Apart from that, Eslite Spectrum is also packed with choices in the F&B department. Grab some fast food at McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme, or indulge in local flavours at the food court. There is also plenty of Japanese cuisine from omu-rice to the highly-popular souffle pancakes at FLIPPER’S (Packist Tip: Be ready to wait in line because the pancakes are that good!).

Source: popular888

Source: popular888

Among the international names you can find here are Sarutahiko Coffee and Michael Kors. If you’re here to stock up on goods to bring home, we highly recommend stopping by Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a popular Japanese drugstore chain where you can get exclusive beauty products from Japan at affordable prices.

Source: Pinterest

The highlight of Eslite Spectrum is expo SELECT located on the 4th floor. Similar to an art bazaar, expo SELECT features a collection of booths selling handicrafts, accessories and home decor designed by young local artists. Since these artists go through a rigorous selection process in order to open their own booth here, you can be sure that what you are buying high quality merchandise. You’ll also be helping the local art scene by supporting the work of small artists. Our favourites include In Blooom (印花樂) and hanamikoji (花见小路手制鞋), where you can get accessories like shoes and tote bags with beautiful prints.

Source: Eslite

Source: Bobowin

Source: In Blooom

Of course, Eslite is best known for being the most popular retail bookstore chain in Taiwan, so when you’re at the Eslite Spectrum, you should definitely visit the bookstore on the 5th floor.

Source: popular888

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