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Thailand’s Nakhon Phanom Festival: An Ancient Tradition Lit by Dazzling Lights

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Posted on 04 September 2019

Source: Thailand Festival Guide 2019

The Nakhon Phanom Illuminated Boat Procession, or Lai Ruea Fai, is one of the top festivals in Thailand that you should check out. This spectacular festival, which takes place from 6 to 14 October every year, features literal fire boats adorned with flowers, incense sticks, candles and lanterns. These beautifully-designed boats made of bamboo or banana tree trunks set sail on the Mekong River during a full moon and are set on fire, creating a fiery spectacle against the dark of the night.


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However, don’t let this dazzling fire show blind you from its humble origins. The Nakhon Phanom festival is a centuries-old Northeastern tradition that marks the end of Buddhist Lent. People believe that the Buddha returns to Earth after spending Buddhist Lent in heaven. Hence, the boats are set aflame to welcome him and serve as a symbol of respect. When night falls, visitors gather along the Mekong River to admire the flickering lights and blazing flames of the boat procession.

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Let there be light!


What’s more, the festival isn’t just an event for the night! There is plenty of festivities around the observation area early in the evening. As you wait for the main show to begin, you can explore the street vendors, cultural exhibitions and cultural performances where you can even join the locals in performing traditional folk dances. In the afternoon, you will find workers tirelessly preparing the boats for the first and final voyage.

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Source: Thai Post

Source: Thai Post


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