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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Earn Money while Traveling

The last one is so easy!

Posted on 19 July 2019

Source: @jcomp / Freepik

Most of us work hard in order to earn money and travel the world, but did you know that you can earn money while traveling too? Today, we’re letting you in on 3 secrets on how you can make the most of your vacation and make some extra cash at your convenience. Pssst, the last tip is super easy and foolproof so don’t miss out!


1. Sell Your Travel Photos


If you already love to take a bunch of photos while sightseeing, this tip should be easy peasy for you! As long as you have a smartphone with a decent camera, you can take pictures of your surroundings and sell them online. From historical monuments to famous landmarks to natural landscapes or even locals in action, stock photos are high in demand for design work and personal use. Upload your photos onto a reliable stock photo site like Shutterstock, and you’ll receive a commission every time a customer downloads your photos.

2. Become a Part-Time Travel Blog Writer


Are you an expressive writer with a knack for words? Writing about your travel experiences is a great way to relive past adventures and inspire other travelers with your stories. What’s more, travel sites and blogs are always looking for guest writers to write them a post or two... and the best part is you get paid for your work! If you’re considering doing this long term, why not start your very own travel blog, where you can interact closely with like-minded globetrotters and even monetise your content by including ads in your blog.

3. Become a Jetspree Traveler

Source: Jetspree

This tip is perhaps the easiest one of them all as it requires no additional writing or photography skills! Jetspree is one of the best online shopping websites in Malaysia, providing a safe and convenient personal shopper platform that connects travelers with Malaysian buyers who want to purchase products from other countries (especially those they can't get in Malaysia). Whenever you’re about to head overseas, just update your travel info (e.g. destination, date) on Jetspree’s traveler platform and select the buyer requests that you’re able to fulfill.

Source: Jetspree

Let’s say you’ll be traveling to Korea and someone wants to buy a product unique to Korea - ding ding - match made! You’ll essentially be a personal shopper online but you have the freedom to choose which requests to accept at your convenience. Once you return from your trip, Jetspree will make arrangements to collect the items from you at your chosen address (e.g. the airport), and you’ll be reimbursed and given an additional cash reward for your help. Talk about making good use of your extra luggage space!

That feeling when you go shopping and get rewarded for it:


Earn money whenever you travel by helping someone out with their shopping list! Click here to become a Jetspree personal shopper today!

Source: Jetspree

If you’re a shopaholic who loves a good deal, you should definitely browse through the Jetspree marketplace and enjoy the best online shopping in Malaysia. It features over 50,000 unique products from various countries like Japan, Korea, USA and so on, which include electronics, fashion, health and beauty, luxury products, as well as food and snacks, that aren’t available in Malaysia. Dodge the outrageous shipping fees and save more by buying directly from these countries with the help of Jetspree travelers.

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