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Top 3 Most Romantic Destinations for Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day made special when you escape to...

Posted on 13 February 2018

Bali, Indonesia

Adventurous explorations to a simple day at a calming, gorgeous beach; Bali is that island paradise to romantically enjoy with your significant other during Valentine’s day. Bali is extremely unique in that it assimilates its own Balinese culture with international influences seamlessly. From elegant western cafes and restaurants to Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, there is something for everybody.

Photo taken by: EOAsia

Temples such as Uluwatu temple and Tanah Lot are extraordinary places that will enable you to find your inner-self, realise peace within and culminate a sense of vivid spirituality that is made all that more special during Valentine’s day. A truly enlightening experience!

Photo taken by: ACruisingCouple

Don't forget to take that romantic stroll alongside the gorgeous beaches of Bali and fall in love with mother nature while you relish in the company of your loved ones.

Photo taken by: Almostlanding-Bali

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Seoul, South Korea

From gargantuan urban skyscrapers like N Seoul Tower to memorably traditional village roads, Seoul is that picturesque Asian-city that K-Pop fans and avid tourists frequently dream about visiting.

Photo taken by: The Culture Trip

The romantic vibrance of the Korean capital city is especially prevalent during Valentine’s day. Bring home that special gift for your loved ones while you visit the Dongdaemun Market. Explore the countless rows of on-trend yet jaw droppingly affordable Korean commodities while you indulge in some tasty authentic Korean street foods. Not much can compare when you begin to absorb and appreciate the unprecedented rowdiness and liveliness of such a Korean night market, especially when that experience is shared with your partner.

Photo taken by: KimcheeGuestHouse

For Korean Drama lovers, Nami Island is almost always a bucket-list destination. Made famous by being the internationally renowned Winter Sonata's main filming place. Quite simply, if your significant other loves the Winter Sonata, they will love you evermore if you were to bring them here.

Photo taken by: Veltra

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Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a duty free island with breathtaking beaches based on the western-coast of Malaysia.

Photo taken by: TravelDigg

During Valentine’s day, Langkawi never disappoints. With distinctive and affordable activities including island hopping, travelling by cablecar and skybridge, and eagle-watching; Langkawi manages to bring loved ones closer than ever.

Photo taken by: PanoramaLangkawi

While you island hop, you will be able to visit the UNESCO Geoforest, Dayang Bunting Island and swim in the Pregnant Maiden Lake. Legend has it, swimming in the waters of the Pregnant Maiden Lake will make someone who was infertile, fertile. So be warned!

Photo taken by: Svbrahminy

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