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3 Reasons Why Laos Should be Your Next Holiday Destination

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Posted on 17 December 2019

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What do you look forward to most when travelling to a foreign country? Are you drawn to picturesque natural sites? Or are you interested in exploring ancient man-made wonders?

If you’re looking for such a destination close to home other than the ever-popular Thailand, Laos is a great place for adventurous travellers lo discover hidden gems. Here are 3 reasons why you should put Laos on your travel bucket list if you haven’t already!

1. It features 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Source: Points East

Many travellers make it their mission to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites all over the world, and Laos alone is home to 3 of them. They include the Plain of Jars, the town of Luang Prabang itself, and the Vat Phou and Associated Ancient Settlements within the Champasak Cultural Landscape. These magnificent sites in Laos aren’t simply attractions that are stunning to look at - you’ll feel enriched by their history at the end of your trip.

The Plain of Jars, in particular, is hailed as Laos’ very own version of Stonehenge. It consists of thousands of stone jars scattered throughout the Xiangkhoang Plateau. which are arranged in clusters. The origin of these stone cylinders remain shrouded in mystery - some claim they were used for ancient funeral ceremonies, while others say they were used to store rice and wine.

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2. Its ancient temples are MAJESTIC.

Source: Mr Linh's Adventures

How majestic you may ask? Well, the Pha That Luang Temple in Vientiane City is literally covered in gold. Seated in the heart of Vientiane, the golden Pha That Luang is a symbol of Laotian pride as it has seen and survived many invasions by foreign powers. The stupa’s long and gruelling history alone makes it a site worth visiting.

Source: Mr Linh's Adventures

And this is not the only gilded temple in Laos! The country is filled with unique and beautifully-designed Buddhist temples, especially in the Luang Prabang area. For instance, Wat Phou Salao is known for its glittering, golden centerpiece - a gigantic Buddha statue overlooking the city, and not to mention the neat rows of smaller Buddha statues at the temple front. Notice the recurring theme of gold?

Source: On The Go

Source: The Crazy Tourist

3. Its natural attractions are STUNNING.

Source: Backpackers Wanderlust

If you’re a nature lover, Laos has many amazing attractions that cater to your interests too! Kuang Si Falls features clear waters tinted in an iridescent turquoise and picturesque swimming spots where you can cool off from the weather. The waterfalls begin in shallow pools on top of a steep hillside and make for a romantic dating spot.

Source: Wanderers & Warriors

Apart from that, you should also visit Mount Phousi, a 100m high sacred hill that lies in the heart of Luang Prabang’s old town. Offering 360° views of the surrounding landscape, the hill is bordered by the Mekong river on one side and by the Nam Khan River on the other. One way to access the hilltop is via the steps that are lined with dragon handrails, which creates a pretty impressive atmosphere along your journey to the top.

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