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Museum Kimchikan Seoul: A Delicious & Educational Experience

Embark on an educational food tour in Seoul

Posted on 24 September 2019

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Kimchi dumplings. Kimchi pancakes. Kimchi fried rice. Korea’s favourite side dish is as versatile as our own very sambal, and it’s commonly hailed as the country’s “secret to longevity”. Well, the secret’s out now! At Museum Kimchikan, also known as Kimchi Field Museum, you can learn all about this savoury vegetable dish through unique, interactive exhibits and even enjoy a kimchi-making class. Recognised by CNN as one of the top 11 food museums in the world, this one-stop tour of all things kimchi is one of the best short sightseeing spots in Seoul, so keep on reading to see what’s in store!

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Your Kimchikan journey will begin with exhibits explaining the historical and cultural significance of kimchi in Korea. For a truly immersive experience of the museum, audio guides in English, Chinese and Japanese are available for free! You’ll see over 100 varieties of kimchi, how they were stored back in the old days, and what the original kimchi looked like (It was white as seen below!).

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Furthermore, there is also plenty of kimchi-related photo props for you to take fun photos with your friends! And of course, your trip to Korea would be incomplete without trying on a Hanbok, which you can do in the museum itself. Kimchikan Museum will certainly spice up your Instagram feed.


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Apart from that, Kimchikan Museum offers kimchi-making lessons in sessions, so book early to secure your slot in the class. If you’re not much of a cooking person and more of an eating person, head over to the Tasting Room to sample a variety of kimchi condiments. Before you leave, you can even buy some adorable kimchi keychains as a memento of your visit. For hardcore kimchi lovers, this kimchi overload is a dream come true.

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Source: A Wife’s Charmed Life

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