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Things to Do in Macau from Christmas to New Years: The Casino-Free Itinerary

Fun for the whole family!

Posted on 15 October 2019

Source: kosublog

While Macau is the definitive gambling city with its flashy casinos and elaborate hotels, there are still plenty of non-gambling attractions that one may visit in the city. Today, we’ll be sharing a list of family-friendly activities to do in Macau for the upcoming months (December to January). If you’re planning a year-end trip and still considering your options, take a look at this itinerary for a great time in Macau!

1. Enjoy a pot of warm lamb stew at Rua Dos Ervnarios

Source: 陳博G / Google Maps

As Macau’s oldest surviving street, Rua Dos Ervnarios features a blend of old-fashioned and modern shops. An old favourite on this historic street is a humble streetside stall called Keong Kei Lam Stew (強記秘製羊腩煲), which only opens during the winter (generally from mid-December to February). Crowds brave the chilly weather and gather at this outdoor food stall every day to savour piping hot lamb stew that is boiled over a charcoal stove at the table. After all, there’s nothing like warm soup in winter! Moreover, Keong Kei is just a few minutes walk away from Macau’s iconic Ruins of St. Paul, so you can definitely make the most of your day in the area.


Source: (L) @saaamanthaaa_teng / Instagram (R) KYspeaks

2. Tour the UNESCO Historic Centre of Senado Square

Source: Culture Trip

Senado Square (議事亭前地), also called Senate Square, is a vibrant paved town square that has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will find a great amount of retail and souvenir stores to explore in the area, as well as F&B outlets that serve uniquely Macanese cuisine. In December, the square is lit up with Christmas decorations and lights - the magical atmosphere makes it a must-visit site, especially if you’re already en route to the Ruins of St. Paul. The pop of colours that Senado Square offers makes for an amazing Instagram backdrop, don’t you think?

Source: @revinaglady / Instagram

Source: kosublog

3. Enjoy a mesmerising show at “The House of Dancing Water”

Source: Hong Kong Tatler

Macau’s most popular large-scale stage production is directed by Franco Dragone, who is known for his work with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion. In the same spectacular fashion as Cirque du Soleil, “House of Dancing Water” (水舞間) is a spellbinding performance that uses beautiful choreography, extravagant waterworks and mind-blowing stunts to tells an epic love story. This visually-stunning show will leave you in awe, as the gigantic centre stage converts from solid floor to water throughout the 90-minute show. Acrobats, dancers, divers, actors and even motorcyclists seem to come from every direction of the stage - emerging from the 14 million litre performance pool or descending on a swing from the tall ceilings. If you can only do one thing on this list, “House of Dancing Water” should definitely be the one!

Source: @sujin._p / Instagram

Source: Viator

4. Take a walk down memory lane at Rua da Felicidade

Source: kosublog

While not a UNESCO Heritage Site, Rua da Felicidade (福隆新街) is another street dripping in traditional culture and history. It used to be a red light district back in the day, which is why the shutters and doors are painted in red. Today, the street breathes a different life as more F&B and souvenir shops find a home in the traditional Chinese shophouses. Rua de Felicidade is around 10-minute walking distance of Senado Square, and it is a great place to grab lunch, try some traditional snacks, take photos, or simply immerse yourself in the rustic atmosphere.

Source: kosublog

Source: @s0_0_ar / Instagram

5. Explore the street art of Calcada do Amparo

Source: kosublog

You’ll most likely pass through Calcada do Amparo (大關斜巷) as you move from Senado Square to the Ruins of St. Paul’s. The highlights of this charming street are the colourful murals and unique street art, welcoming you into a “secret” world created by the creative minds of Macau. The street features speciality stores, exhibition space, and great dining experiences! Calcada do Amparo isn’t as crowded as other tourist hotspots so you’ll certainly have a more stress-free exploration of the area.

Source: kosublog

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