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Absolutely Breathtaking! This Hidden Island in Indonesia is What Dreams Are Made Of

An intimate island vacation awaits.

Posted on 10 December 2019

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Indonesia is home to some of the most beautiful islands that are perfect for a sun-filled, beach-fun vacation. However, during the peak season, your island getaway may not be as relaxing as expected, especially at popular destinations like Bali and Lombok that are overrun with tourists.

Well, here’s some good news if you’re looking for an amazing beach holiday but you can’t travel during off-peak season. To the east of Lombok lies a hidden treasure waiting for you to discover - Sumbawa Island! This lesser-known but equally breathtaking island is just as picturesque as Bali - a mountainous region covered with tropical greenery, fringed with sandy white beaches and surrounded by waters that sparkles in a deep azure blue.

Source: Wonderful Indonesia

And you won’t just fall in love with the view... You’ll also fall in love with the local culture, which is rooted deeply in the beautiful traditions of Indonesia! Here are the top 5 places in Sumbawa that you absolutely must include in your itinerary:

1. Satonda Island

Source: @afiholle / Instagram

From above, you can see that Satonda Island forms a circular shape with a crater lake at its core. The island used to be a volcano that was eventually flooded after a series of rare phenomena. Like any ancient natural wonder, Satonda Island is shrouded in mystery and myths. Just ask the locals about the Hope Tree or the legend about the beautiful Princess Dae La Minga of Sanggar Kingdom.

Highlights: Snorkelling, Stunning Saltwater Crater Lake, Marine Nature Park, Wealth of Coral Reefs, Beautiful Beach

Source: aliangger / Dronestagram

2. Istana Dalam Loka

Source: Situs Budaya

Fancy a bit of sejarah? Built in 1885 under the orders of Sultan Muhammad Jalaluddin Syah III, Istana Dalam Loka is an ancient relic of the Sultanate of Sumbawa. You will find many ancient artifacts showcased at this palace made of wood. There will also be a local tour guide on-site who will walk you through the history and customs of the royal family for free.

Source: @jelajahsumbawa / Instagram

3. Situs Uma Lengge

Source: @ansyariffaisyal / Instagram

Next on our historical and cultural attractions itinerary is Situs Uma Lengge, a collection of traditional houses inherited from the ancestors of the Bima tribe. The villagers used - and still use - these simple two-level huts to store rice after a harvest. Best of all, the site is free to visit, so bring your cameras along and get ready to bask in the idyllic country life atmosphere!

Source: @sendal.jalan / Instagram

4. Mount Tambora

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Seated in northern Sumbawa, Mount Tambora, or Tomboro, is a stratovolcano that is best known for its major eruption in 1815 - the biggest volcanic eruption recorded in human history. Don’t let that scare you though! The last eruption happened over 50 years ago. Today, Mount Tambora rests peacefully amidst a lush mountainous landscape - the sight of it creates a beautiful scene that will leave you in awe of nature.

Highlights: Hiking, Nature Sightseeing

Source: Hajar Trekking

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