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Meet Xiang Xiang the Giant Panda baby cub

Ueno Zoo's new star, a panda cub...

Posted on 16 February 2018

Tokyo Ueno Zoo’s adorable Giant Panda cub, Xiang Xiang has been garnering major international attention.

Photo taken by: South China Morning Post

With over 1200 people queuing up on a chilly February day to catch a glimpse of Xiang Xiang, Xiang Xiang is special to say the least.

Photo taken by: LonelyPlanet

Xiang Xiang is the first baby panda, in two decades, to have been born in a zoo. Xiang Xiang first debuted last December and viewing was limited to two and a half hours a day.

Photo taken by: JapanTimes

From 19th December 2017 to the 31st January 2018, people who wanted to see Xiang Xiang had to win through Ueno Zoo’s lucky draw system. Over 250,000 people applied for a viewing of Xiang Xiang. The viewings were limited to just 2000 people a day.

Photo taken by: South China Morning Post

Now, Xiang Xiang is deemed ready to be exposed to more people. Limiting viewings to 9500 people a day at 1-2 minutes per viewing, Xiang Xiang has been getting alot of love!

Photo taken by: South China Morning Post

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