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Tips to having a comfortable plane ride

Tiresome and exhausting? Not anymore...

Posted on 22 February 2018

Flying for extended periods of time can be extremely uncomfortable. Here are some tips to ease that burden:

Walk around (and Stretch!)

At some point, your legs start begging you to use them. They typically respond by aching, numbing or pins-and-needling (okay, we made that one up). Regardless, all that sounds extremely uncomfortable, doesn’t it? To avoid such distress, you should get up  every hour or so and walk around. Stretch out the stiffness and let your blood flow!

Photo taken by: SmarterTravel

Be prepared

Airplane entertainment can sometimes be limited. You would not want to get on a plane only to realise that your entertainment options for a 16 hour plane ride just so happens to be a mere two episodes of Barney & Friends. Having your own source of entertainment will make that tiresome journey all that more bearable.

Photo taken by: FTNNews

In terms of physical comfort, having thick enough clothes for when it gets cold and carrying-on your own neck-pillow is also very useful when it comes to an often cold and exhausting flight.


If you are entering into a different time zone, you may find it useful to take this flight as an opportunity to either stay-up or sleep earlier, depending on the time difference of course. Regardless, sleep is the best way to make that long flight fly right by (pun-intended!).

Photo taken by: The Sun

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