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Places you must visit before you turn 25

Experiences you need while you're young...

Posted on 01 March 2018


Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, lively and thrilling in every sense is a destination that is a favourite for avid tourists everywhere. This cosmopolitan offers much diversity in culture, heritage and cuisine, and has even more to preserve. Bangkok impressively accommodates for the youthful love of outstanding nightlife experiences, busy markets and stunning canals.

A night at Bangkok. Photo taken by: LonelyPlanet

More than just an adrenaline thumping city, Bangkok is the centerpoint of all political, economic and cultural exploits in Thailand. Magnificent palaces, such as the Grand Palace or Chakri Maha Prasat Hall, to the fascinating temples of Wat Pho and Wat Arun; Bangkok will have you itching to snap photos, everywhere.

Wat Pho, the oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok. Photo taken by: OrientalEscape

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Ho Minh Chi

As the former capital of the Republic of Vietnam (‘South Vietnam’), this vibrant city will forever be remembered for its cultural depth and heritage. Once you have gotten a taste of some authentic and tastebud tingling Vietnamese cuisine such as Pho, Banh Mi, and Goi Cuon - you will fall in love with the city.

Tangy, sour, delicious Pho. Photo taken by: SteamyKitchen

Assimilated French-inspired buildings, Soviet-style housing settlements and century old Jade Emporor Pagoda. Ho Minh Chi is that underdog of a city that any young explorer must venture.

Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo taken by: TransOceanTourist

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P Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney. Sound familiar? Made famous by the Disney Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. (We’re kidding!) 

P Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Sydney. Gif taken by: BuzzFeed

Sydney is often mistaken as the capital city of Australia. This is possibly be due to the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Or it could be the stunning Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach. Photo taken by: PostcardSydney

Or maybe it is the mystifying Sydney Harbour Bridge?


Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo taken by: iStockPhoto

Sydney is the centre of Australian commerce, culture and beauty. A visit to Sydney is a visit you’ll never forget.

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Once known as Constantinople, Istanbul was home to some of the most historically profound empires: the Greeks, Venetians, Romans and Ottomans. Where East meets West. Truly a fascinating place for anybody to visit. Amazingly, the changing hands meant preservation and adaptation, and not destruction.

Istanbul. Photo taken by: LonelyPlanet

The Hagia Sophia, for example, was built in the 6th century and was once a Greek Orthodox Basilica turned Roman Catholic Cathedral then turned Imperial Mosque. The Hagia Sophia is now a museum that exhibits its gorgeous architecture and celebrates the historical past, certainly a rarity!


Hagia Sophia. Photo taken by: Medium

Don’t forget to drop by to shop at the Grand Bazaar, the 4000 shops and more than 250,000 visitors daily, you will want to appreciate every stall and moment of the energetic environment.

The Grand Bazaar. Photo taken by: InternationalTraveller

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