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Top Phone Photography Tips

Taking perfect photos with your phone...

Posted on 06 March 2018

On your next holiday vacation, use only your phone to catch amazing photos by following these simple tips! 

Accessing your phone camera

You do not want to miss fantastic photo opportunities fumbling to find the camera app on your phone. Take some time to familiarize the most convenient methods in accessing your phone camera and how to use it effectively. For example, set your camera app on your control panel (for iphone users) or place your camera app closest to your predominant thumb on your favourite app page on your home screen. 

Famaliarise yourself with your phone! Photo taken by: MakeTechEasier

Ready, Settings, Go!

Have your camera settings configured to your liking so next time you are met with a golden photo opportunity, you will catch and capture it without breaking a sweat.

Have your favourite settings ready to go. Photo taken by: Baboodigital

Clean your lens

Your phone in your pocket can smudge and get dirtied quite easily. The smudges can also easily block the light, leave blurs or spots and your ruin a perfectly wonderful photo. Clean lenses lead to crisper, sharper and clearly photos. So before you start snapping away, give your lens a clean wipe.

Clear photos are not as common as you may think. Photo taken by: Tokkoro


The most important thing for any phone photographer is controlling the focus. To do this, a tap on the screen will focus your image. Tap around and play with the lighting. When you find the best looking image, snap away!

Focus. Photo taken by: HealthyTravelBlog

Different perspectives

Most people take standing images. But a photo subject can be taken with many different perspectives. Going lower down on ground level or higher up at bird-eye view can offer a unique perspective people would not normally experience.

Birds eye view of a city. Photo taken by: LifeHacker

Take multiple photos

A single photo is usually not enough. Take multiple and have a range of photos, some will be better than others. But all worth it.

More is better. Photos taken by: iPhonePhotographySchool

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