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Top Restaurants and Cafes in Auckland

Only the best in Auckland, New Zealand...

Posted on 07 March 2018

Depot Eatery And Oyster Bar

A must visit for anybody. The Depot takes the ‘sharing is caring’ concept to a whole new level. Housing an outstanding bar and restaurant created by chef and restaurateur, Al Brown. Thoughtfully presented share plates, friendly, loving and lively atmosphere; the Depot is an absolute favourite in Auckland.

Beautifully cooked, simplistic and delicious. Photo taken by: theCityLane

Most dishes are cooked by either charcoal or hardwood. The beautiful roasted aromas and taste are all marvellously irresistible. With dishes like the perfectly cooked hapuka belly with eggplant kasundi, lime & toasts, lamb sweetbreads with lentil dhai, red chilli and goats curd and wood roasted bone marrow with parsley and shallot salad; the Depot allows their high quality ingredients and stunning tastes to do all the talking.

The Depot. Photos taken by: theCityLane 

From the small, plump and creamy Orongo Bay oyster to the creamy, mildly salty and clean Mahurangi oyster from just North of Auckland, the oysters are incredible. Truly lives up to the expectations of a cultured oyster bar.

Oyster haven. Photo taken by: TripAdvisor

The French Cafe

The French Cafe has collected countless awards and achievements over the years. These accolades included numerous Metro Restaurant of the Year awards. Complimentary white tablecloths, dark wood furnishings, hanging globe light bulbs and classy artwork, the cafe preaches elegance. The open-panel kitchen where you can see the chefs hard at work is also a very nice touch.

The French Cafe. Photo taken by: Tourism2025

For entrees, we recommend the goats cheese wrapped in cucumber croquette is an amazingly balanced, flavourful dish of flavours that are just right.

Cucumber croquette, goats cheese. Photo taken by: Twindiscoveries

For your main course, you should go with either the roasted quail or the market fish. The roasted quail is perfectly cooked, rich in depth and complexity, wrapped in bacon and topped off with wild mushroom, chestnut and a croissant puree and black truffles.

Roasted Quail. Photo taken by: TwinDiscoveries

The market fish is a tender, juicy snapper topped with smooth buttermilk puree, crab, sweet corn, broccoli and basil. Perfectly presented and extremely delicious.

Juicy, tender snapper. Photo taken by: TwinDiscoveries

For deserts, the textured chocolate. With fragments of chocolate placed around a spoon of caramelised milk chocolate sorbet, hazelnut crumbles and chocolate shards, all complimented with carefully selected, juicy segments of fresh mandarin.  

Textured Chocolate. Photo taken by: theBrickKitchen

Best Ugly Bagels

The ridiculous name isn’t the only thing special about this outlandish, quirky restaurant cafe. The simple bagel is made with love and complete regard to taste.

Best Ugly Bagel, PBJ. Photo taken by: BestUgly

DaygloH reviewed Best Ugly Bagels by saying: ‘This is by far the best bagels in town... The freshly baked bagels brings such a nice crunch when you bite into it. I ordered the Fricken Chicken and it was amazing the rocket was fresh and the aioli went great with the greens. Chicken was moist. An overall amazing experience.’

Delightfully savoury bagels. Photo taken by: AucklandNZ

You could choose to go savoury or sweet when you order your simple but perfectly baked and prepared bagel. Some examples include the King Salmon (made with Stewart Island Salmon, Zany Zues cream cheese, red onion, capers, dill and lemon juice), the Yodi (Pastrami, habanero mustard, grilled swiss and pickle) or something simply sweet like the Koko (House chocolate hazelnut spread). Whatever your mood or apetite, Best Ugly Bagels is prepared to wow you with only the power of simplicity and taste.


King Salmon by Best Ugly Bagels. Photo taken by: Denizen Navigator

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