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How to pack your luggage like a pro

Packing easier with Packist...

Posted on 13 March 2018

We all understand that dreaded feeling of packing for your holiday vacation. Sometimes we end up packing only to realise that there isn't enough space.

Here are some tips:


By reducing some of what to bring, your job for packing is made all that easier. You’ll have space for everything you need and you’ll have extra room for souvenirs and gifts to bring home!

Use every inch

Certain things like shoes have room for socks inside, this will give you more room when you optimally utilise every inch of space in your bag.

Rolling into town. Photo taken by: 10Best

By rolling your clothes you’ll also be saving a lot of room in your bag.

For lengthier clothing

Such as jeans, dresses, suits and others, these can be difficult to fit into your suitcase. By placing a half of it inside the suitcase and layering it on the opposite end, then folding all layers into the suitcase you’ll be reduce your creasing and optimising your space!

Valuables and toiletries

By placing valuables and toiletries in the middle, you’ll be protecting your belongings better.You should also soften its surroundings with clothing. It should act as a cushion for any extreme impact to your bag.

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Video taken by: Heathrow Airport

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