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4 MUST-TRY foods in Jeju Island

Awesome flavours, fresh ingredients, YUM...

Posted on 15 March 2018

Fresh Live Octopus

Jeju freshness. The popular social media star, the Fresh Live Octopus, has become an increasingly popular dish. The wriggling tentacles are cut off live octopus, served with dipping sauces on the side, the simplistic complexity of this dish is always ready to bewilder and be enjoyed simultaneously. An experience everyone should have at least once in their life!

Live octopus. Photo taken by: the Jayoe Nation

Seafood Ramen

Not necessarily the staple of Korean food, this restaurant is however extremely well known for its rich and unique broth coupled with the freshest seafood ingredients. With all its popularity and 6,000 won pricetag you can expect to wait about 1 - 2 hours if you want to taste their famous seafood ramen. But for all the mouthwatering crab, clams, mussels and octopus, all is worth the wait.

Seafood ramen. Photo taken by: ladyironchef

Grilled Mackerel

Ask any Jeju local, they will tell you that grilled mackerel is one of their favourites. This affordable fish may look plain and ordinary from the surface, but the fish itself is extremely flavourful and tender. Proving that simple and affordable doesn’t always mean plain or mediocre!

Grilled Mackeral. Photo taken by: ladyironchef

Hallabong Cake

Served at Cafe Aewol Monsant, located by the seaside and provides awesome views of the coast. It is also reportedly run by the K-pop star G-Dragon! For romantic sunsets and cool ocean breezes, Cafe Aewol Monsant is among the very best. Have some amazing Hallabong Cake with Frosting with tangerine flavour that matches perfectly well with the buttery-sweet cake, while you admire the atmosphere of the instagram-worthy glass building and seaside calm.

Hallabong Cake with frosting. Photo taken by: DayRe

Glass buildings and gorgeous views. Photo taken by: dezeen

Pretty views of the sea. Photo taken by: thatxxrin

Watch this: 

Live and moving octopus. Video taken by: 培瑞

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