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Christmas in Sydney? Heres why.

Have your best Christmas yet...

Posted on 20 December 2017


Are you hoping to spend the festive period in Australia? If yes, then you have made an excellent choice. Australia is blessed with beautiful cities and attractions. One of these lovely places to be in is in Sydney, Australia’s largest cosmopolitan city. The urban centre is located on the eastern coast of the country in New South Wales and boasts of many sites and fun activities to engage.

There are lots of things to enjoy this festive period as you visit Sydney. The city is surrounded by terrific sites, attractions, recreational centres and lovely accommodation. Here, we have highlighted some fantastic experience Sydney loves to provide her tourist with



Harbour: Sydney has within its border the largest natural harbour in the world! When you get to the city, you can have a tour through this natural site. The port is surrounded by Sydney suburbs shorelines and the downtown of the metropolis. Also, there are two landmarks settled on the port: The Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge and the Opera House opened in the year 1973. These two sites are worth checking out.


The Sydney famous harbour bridge has garnered a record as the world's longest steel bridge running. However, this is not all; the bridge does not stand for just crossing, there is a game enjoyed on the span. The name of the game is called Bridge climbing. You could enjoy this game when you get there. It entails you walking across the top of the bridge with the help of a guide. Thrilling and memorable is the word for this game. The Sydney span is nicknamed “the Coat Hanger”, and when you get to this city, you will see why.


The Opera House located at the harbour of this exotic city does not only present its guest with music, culture, opera and art. Those who check it out get to witness the fantastic view building design.


The Domain: this is another beautiful landmark to check out once you are in Sydney. The Domain has a lot to offer the eyes, the hand and memory of guests who visit. There is the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the famous Mrs Macquarie’s sandstone, hand-carved Chair, and a lovely green park that houses these beautiful landmarks and attractions.

There are more to be seen in the green parkland which includes the Government House amongst others. The Domain is located close the Downtown area of the city. It is a lovely place to check out as you enjoy your Christmas holiday in this breath-taking urban centre

The Rock District: this area is a historic place to visit. There are lots of monuments depicting a memorable story in history. Also, the streets are cobblestones! There are muckles of building in the area made up of sandstones. This area in Sydney tries to show to the world the preserved history of the metropolis. There are a lot of entertainment to be relished, and beautiful dining services to quench one’s hunger.


Well, it has already been established that the largest metropolis in Australia has many fun activities and attraction sites to steal every moment of your stay. However, there are other criteria to ensure your days there remain pleasurable.

  1. Get an Accommodation: the amount for a place to stay starts at $125.10 to $278 for a night. There are beautiful hotels in the city which offers fantastic services to guests.
  2. Make Plans For Your Transport: as it is a festive period, the road and street are bound to be busy. Lots of people will be out to have fun and take pleasure in the fun things Christmas has to offer. Hence, you should use Opal; the card gives you access to all types of public transport. With this platform, you will find it hard to be stranded.



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