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AMAZING Famous Foods in Thailand

Tangy, Spicy, Fragrant Thai Food made famous...

Posted on 05 April 2018

AMAZING Thai Food!

Borderline unbearable spiciness, tangy aromas and fragrant tastes, Thailand's food can be a challenging indulgence for those who are unable (and even able) to handle the spice. Nevertheless, Thai food is a favourite to foodies whether local or foreign.

Spicy as heck! GIF taken by: GIPHY

Pee Aor Tom Yum Noodles

Tom Yum is a local favourite in Thailand and is also an international favourite. And for good reason! Located near Phaya Thai BTS station you can find some amazing Tom Yum Noodles that are to die for! Hidden along a narrow road, with run down decor and a humble stall that advertises its food, Pee Aor proves that you don't need a fancy restaurant to serve amazing food! 

Pe Aor hidden and humble, homely restaurant. Photo taken by: HungryEpicUrean

Pee Aor offers a massive bowl of Tom Yum Goong which is good for two or three people to share. The restaurant is known best for its use of premium ingredients such as lobsters and crabs. 


First laying your eyes upon the massive bowl of Lobster Tom Yum Goong will shock you. But shortly after, you will be pleasantly satisfied with the tastes of amazingly fresh lobster, crab, mussels, salmon, squid and noodles. You surely will never forget that authentic Thai taste of tangy and spicy Tom Yum soup. Tom YUM!

Delicious Lobster Tom Yum Noodles! Photo taken by: ReikoJinman

Buddhi Belly Premium Frozen Yogurt

The frozen yogurt craze is not alien to Thailand. If you’re looking for a desert that will satisfy your need for a cooling fresh and pleasantly sweet soft served delight of frozen yogurt, look no further! Buddhi Belly Premium Frozen Yogurt is easily regarded as the best in Thailand. Have a taste and appreciate the simple yet premium taste of frozen yogurt. 

Topping things off with Buddhi Belly Premium Frozen Yogurt. Photo taken by: JustGola

Choose and add some of your favourite toppings of fresh fruit and delicious sauces and make that Froyo your own. With permanent flavours of Original and Salted Caramel, as well as the ever changing monthly flavours that include favourites like Chocolate, Vanilla, Tiramisu, Watermelon, Mango and many others; you will always be intrigued to come back regularly!

Bountiful amount of flavours at Buddhi Belly Premium Frozen Yogurt. Photo taken by: WongNai

Somboon Seafood

Famously serving the Thai masses for almost 40 years, its fried curry crab has been enjoyed by happy locals and people all around the world. Known especially for using fresh ingredients and cooked impeccably, yet priced reasonably well, Somboon Seafood is no underdog at any means. 

Famous Fried Curry Crab by Somboon Seafood. Photo taken by: P Pilgrim

Expanding to seven branches all over town with its biggest seating up to 200 people, Somboon Seafood is deliciously popular!

Delicious! Gif taken by: GIPHY

Bring it home!

While exploring Thailand you could choose to bring some amazing Thai and other fantastic cuisines back to your very own home by learning to cook some phenomenal dishes in Thailand! 

Cook like a pro. Gif taken by: GIPHY

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