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5 TOP tips for travelling to Japan

Foreign country? Not a problem...

Posted on 06 April 2018

Enjoy Japan

A foreign country, with a foreign language and foreign customs can be daunting to some. Nevertheless, Japan is a favourite among avid tourists. If you are going to Japan, here are 5 helpful tips to make a visit to Japan that much more enjoyable!

Sakura trees in Japan. Gif taken by: GIPHY

1. Leaving Tokyo? Get yourself a JR Pass!

Leaving Tokyo while touring Japan? Japan Rail (JR) Pass is an absolute must! At the measly price of $250, you’re paying for access to any JR line in the country for seven days, including many high-speed (shinkansen) trains.

Be safe taking the train! Gif taken by: GIPHY

But mind you, you should only buy the JR Pass when you are set to leave Tokyo - this is because the Tokyo subway is not only very efficient but is also relatively more afforable to use whilst travelling within Tokyo.

You'll love the Japanese subway! Gif taken by: GIPHY

2. Carry cash!

It is far more convenient to use cash in Japan. Most stores, shops and restaurants tend to only accept cash. Places that accept cards typically display information about the cards they accept at the front of their stores.

Cash, Cash, CASH! Gif taken by: GIPHY

So carry plenty of cash during your adventure. But if you happen to find yourself cashless - look for stores that accept your cards.

Cards, Cards, CARDS! Gif taken by: GIPHY

To help with carrying cash you should also bring along a coin purse - in Japan, up to the value of $5 are exchanged in Japanese coins. Therefore, to avoid losing your money: carry a coin purse!

Coins, Coins, COINS! Gif taken by: GIPHY

3. Your friend, convenience stores.

Easy-to-use ATMs, inspiring classical rock music, friendly staff, and good, nutritious food; convenience stores in Japan ups the convenience store game!

Convenience stores, your good friend! Gif taken by: GIPHY

Imagine this. Entering into a vibrant store, with beatles music playing in the background, you look for a good meal, and become lost in choice. Finally, you choose out what you want and approach the counter - you’re greeted with a pleasant smile and asked if you would like for your cup noodles to be prepared for you.

Noodles. Yum! Gif taken by: GIPHY

That is the typical Japanese convenience store for you. You save money. You eat and drink great tasting food and drink. And, of course, you’re satisfied and happy!

Happy customer! Gif taken by: GIPHY

4. Do you speak English?

If you are in need of help in a foreign country, asking the locals for some guidance can be very helpful. So learn this phrase: ‘Eigo o hanashimasu ka?’

Speak english? Gif taken by: GIPHY

Directly translated, this phrase means: ‘Do you speak English?’. Unless you are dropped with a ‘ie’ (which means no), you may be able to receive some help from them.

Help? Anybody? Gif taken by: GIPHY

5. Wifi hotspot

We all are aware (or at least we hope) that everyone understands how helpful the internet is in today’s society.

Technology... Gif taken by: GIPHY

You can find the best places to eat, locate exactly where you need to go, make calls back home, convert your currency to Japanese Yen, translate an important phrase or find convenient transportation.

Oh, thank internet! Gif taken by: GIPHY

So when you have the opportunity, get yourself a wifi hotspot. Now get SURFING!

Surfing. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Japan awaits.

You are now ready to explore the wonders of Japan.

Explore Japan. Gif taken via: GIPHY


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