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Wildlife, Culture and Heritage of Batang Ai

Natural and Cultural sanctuary of Sarawak awaits...

Posted on 10 April 2018

Batang Ai

Batang Ai, a place where visitors are able to experience Borneo’s natural rainforests whilst delving deep into the cultural traditions of its inhabitants.

Batang Ai National Park. Photo taken by: Amansar

It is no wonder that Batang Ai is known to many as a model destination for sustainable cultural and eco-based tourism.

Batang Ai, gold standard for eco-tourism. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Natural Sanctuary

Home to the most significant population of orangutan in Sarawak - the biodiversity of Batang Ai boasts abundant natural features of clear rivers, rich rainforests and other preserved endangered wildlife.

Batang Ai natural setting. Photo taken by: SarawakTourism

An adventure for all adventurous and consummate travellers to Batang Ai. With more than 24,000 hectares of protected, unscathed natural rainforests of Batang Ai, your exploration of natures very best is always within grasp.

Within your grasp! Gif taken by: GIPHY


The range of wildlife offered by Batang Ai is heavily preserved as an endangered animal sanctuary, so humans can continue to enjoy and explore Batang Ai for many ages to come.

Loving animals. Gif taken by: GIPHY

For centuries, the Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus orangutan has lived side-by-side with humans in its valuable habitat of Batang Ai. Classified as endangered, this orangutan subspecies is exclusively endemic to Sarawak and West Kalimatan.

Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus orangutan. Photo taken by: Fleewinter

Other rare and endangered animals that can be spotted during a jungle trek at Batang Ai includes the likes of gibbons, white-fronted langurs, long-tailed macaques, western tasirs, slow lorises, civet cats, clouded leopards, sunbears, mouse deers, otters and many, many more.

Balancing Gibbon. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Sunbear cutie. Gif taken by: GIPHY

While bird watching at Batang Ai you may be able to spot the gorgeous, Sarawakian state bird, the rhinoceros hornbill and 7 other hornbill species. Fun fact: the Iban people hold the belief that the rhinoceros hornbill are the messengers from men to God, while Sarawakian people tend to believe that they are a symbol of good luck.

Sarawakian Hornbill. Photo taken by: BorneoTropicalAdventures

The Iban People

For those interested in exploring cultures and the heritage of aboriginal people of Malaysia, the Iban regard Batang Ai as their heartland for their community. Settling at Batang Ai for more than 300 years now, the Iban typically live in longhouses that are usually built adjacent to the river.

Iban peoples. Photo taken by: Premier Holidays

Expert boatmen, and with many actively farming, the Iban possess a very interesting lifestyle. The Iban warmly welcomes tourists of Batang Ai, therefore, their homelands and culture can easily be respectfully explored by visitors from all around the globe.


Sailing farmers. Photo taken by: BorneoAdventure


Visitors may stay in the lakeside Aiman Batang Ai and relax at the heart of nature. 

Premiem rooms at Aiman Batang Ai. Photo taken by: Expedia

Beautiful views at Aiman Batang Ai. Photo taken by: TripAdvisor

When you’re ready to delve into the gorgeous natural setting of Batang Ai. A jungle trekking experience awaits. Trails vary in difficulty, from an easy 1.8 km to a tasking 8.2 km.

Jungle Explorers. Photos taken by: Sarawak Tourism

Among others, we recommend that you take the Red Ape Trail, a special trek through prime orangutan habitat. So explore, and venture into Batang Ai. You never know what you might find.

Go bananas with Batang Ai. Gif taken by: GIPHY 

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