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Dazzling India Spring Carnival at Taipei Main Station

Indian Dance, Traditional Cuisine and much more...

Posted on 16 April 2018

India Spring Carnival

Taiwan welcomes everybody. The India Taipei Association hosted the India Spring Carnival at Taipei Main Station on the 14th of April 2018.

Indian dances with bright gorgeous garments. Photo taken by: FocusTaiwan

The carnival was full of music and dancing performances, authentic cuisine and a hub for cultural exchange.

Cultural exchange. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Food and Dance

While indulging in the satisfying traditional Indian food, event-goers enjoyed the song and dance by the performers.

Tasty Briyani. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Sensational Samosas. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Dancers wearing bright and colourful garments opened the annual carnival with Bharatanatyam classical dance, Rajasthan and Punjab folk dances and a Bollywood dance.

Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Bring it home!

Visitors were also able to get their hands on authentic Indian products like Indian herbal beauty products and  items like accessories, bags, clothing and paitings. Visitors could also try on a sari, get a turban tied or experience henna drawings at the carnival.

Henna. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Authentic Indian items. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Turban tying. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Other booths, decorated with Indian traditional artifacts, taught visitors about tourism, yoga and culture of India.

Indian decor. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews


At the end of it all, performers got visitors up on stage to join in a dance-along.

Dancing together. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

Together. Photo taken by: TaiwanNews

"We want to encourage more Taiwanese friends to understand Indian culture, and similarly, we want more Indian people to understand Taiwanese culture," remarked Sridharan Madhusudhanan, the director general of the India-Taipei Association.

United. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Watch this: 

Dancing wonders at the India Spring Carnival at Taipei. Video taken by: Christie Chen

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