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Packist EPIC Home Builders Basic Workshop

Skills of Building, made fun...

Posted on 19 April 2018

Build Workshop

Last weekend, we gathered at EPIC’s office to undergo a home build workshop hosted by EPIC and initiated by

Gather all! Gif via: GIPHY

Starting it off

We kicked it off with an ice-breaking session and a presentation about EPIC and all the focus elements of the workshop.

Safety first!

Newly acquainted, we are put into smaller groups, each headed by an experienced building tutor.

Lets go! Gif via: GIPHY

What we learn

The workshop is composed of 5 major components:

1. Drilling

How to drill safely. 

2. Sawing

Sawing the right way!

3. Scaffolding

Let's climb!

4. Hammering

Hammer-time. Gif via: GIPHY

5. Accessories

Small but still. Very important.

Overall Experience

We all had an amazing time. Meeting new people in a stress free and positive environment. The tutors were extremely knowledgeable and keen on helping all of us learn and apply our skills. 

Master of the skills. Gif via: GIPHY

Applying our skills

With our newly acquired skills we all built our own mini project.

Project time!

Some of us made a dog inspired crate.

Adorable little dog. Gif via: GIPHY

Others made a cat inspired house.

Cat house. Gif via: GIPHY

Now we’re set to make a real house.


Ready to go!

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