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ESSENTIAL tips for Rainforest Adventures

Follow these tips and never be unprepared again...

Posted on 25 April 2018

 Rainforest Adventure

Natural rainforests are beautiful, historic and refreshing. But exploring rainforests can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you are not prepared. Here are some essential tips to best enjoy your rainforest adventures. 

Natural beautiful rainforests. Gif taken by: GIPHY

1. Bring mosquito repellant (lots of it)

Mosquitoes are ruthless and persistent. They will drink your blood, while leaving you with many bites that are irresistibly itchy. Mosquitoes can also carry many dangerous diseases. 

Mosquito danger. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Therefore, keep yourself safe and feeling carefree by carrying some mosquito repellant whenever you’re in any rainforest.

Use roll-ons or patches to help the enviornment though! Gif taken by: GIPHY

2. Drink loads of water

While you’re in the rainforest, you will likely be doing plenty of hiking, sometimes under extremely hot conditions.

Hot! Gif taken by: GIPHY

So stay hydrated. This is very important for your health and safety. So, carry as much water as you can and drink along the journey to stay cool and hydrated.

Drink up! Gif taken by: GIPHY

3. Cover up

By wearing clothes that will cover up bare-skin, you will be protected from scratches and prevent some mosquito bites along the way.  

Long sleeve! Gif taken by: GIPHY

Long sleeve t-shirts and a pair of jeans will be your best options when you’re venturing into a beautiful rainforest.

NOT like this. Gif taken by: GIPHY

4. Waterproofing

Rainforests can be very wet and muddy. Hence the name ‘Rainforest’. You do not want to end up having to walk several kilometres in the rain, and in dirty, soggy shoes.

Muddy. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Prevent getting yourself and your shiny new shoes wet. Equip yourself with a raincoat, leave your new white shoes at home and bring along some waterproof shoes.

Exhibit A. Gif taken by: GIPHY

5. Other things

Take with you an impact-proof hiking stick if you would like for some extra balance while hiking.

Hiking pros. Gif taken by: GIPHY

A machete can also be very helpful for you to cut down any difficult branches that may block your path.

Stubborn trees! Gif taken by: GIPHY

You’re ready.

Now you’re ready to go on your rainforest adventure. All that is left is for you to find the rainforest you would like to venture into next!

Adventure time. Gif taken by: GIPHY

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Batang Ai natural setting. Photo taken by: SarawakTourism

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