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We built a home! AGAIN!

Story of our (2nd!) home build...

Posted on 04 May 2018

We did it again!

And another one. Gif taken by: GIPHY

This time, we built a home for Abang Kaha, Kakak Ayou and their family.

Packist forever!!!

With Abang Kaha, Kakak Ayou and their family living under uninhabitable conditions, we came to their kampung in Serendah, energised and excited to help build a home for their family.

Their initial family home. Worn down and congested. 

Excited. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Together with EPIC, build sponsors, volunteers and experienced builders we worked together with only one thing in mind - to build a home in just 3 days! (And to make it the best we could!)

KYRIE FOR THREE!!! Gif taken by: GIPHY

We are put into our teams: Structure, Floor, Wall and Roof.

One team.


Here's the plan.

Beginning by preparing the materials: cutting and sorting.  

Sorting stuff. 

Cutting wood. 

Moving steel. 

Once prepped, the structure is put in place. A strong steel frame is used to maintain the adequate integrity of the home’s structure.


To further support the structure, we used dense, sturdy timber in order to hold up the roof, ceiling, flooring and walls.

Strong and sturdy. 

After the finalised structure is in place, we begin to lay down all remaining components to form the roof, ceiling, flooring and walls.

Coming together. 

Raise the walls!

Proper drainage systems, a thoughtful foyer and stairs are also put up to make the house accommodatingly a real home.

Drainage for the rainy days. 


Making our case. 

The overall experience was absolutely amazing. 

Welcoming Abang Kaha and Kak Ayou home!

Abang Kaha and other members of the orang asli community helped work side-by-side with us, teaching us their knowledge, sharing their lifestyle and culture, and providing only positivity and smiles.

As one. 

Helping one another.

Nothing can compare to when we handed over the key to Abang Kaha, Kakak Ayou and their family.


Opening Minds, Changing Lives.

Giving a family a home they truly deserve, with new life chances and the hope for a new beginning is what we managed to achieve. That impact will not only change the life of Abang Kaha and his family, but has already changed ours.

Helping out. Gif taken by: GIPHY

'We all crave love and happiness. We all have compassion and kindness in our hearts. We may not be able to help everybody. But if we can help just one person, one family or one community: the world becomes that much of a better place.' - Ms. Jesnin Kee, CEO of 

A home.

Watch this!

Build a home.


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