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Preparation guide for Universal Studios Singapore

Your best trip ever awaits you...

Posted on 08 May 2018

 Pace yourself.

Universal Studios Singapore (‘USS’) is the size of 25-football fields combined! Being the only Universal Studios in all of South-East Asia, this is a spectacular marvel of a theme park.  

Massive. Photo taken by: travel3sixty

Many thrilling and cutting-edge rides await you at USS! But before you have your best trip ever, have a look at our tips for preparing that BEST TRIP EVER.

Exciting rides! Gif taken by: GIPHY

When you should visit?

At any point in time, USS offers you an unforgettable experience.

 The best. Photo taken by: rwsentosa

Crowds of people can make your experience more diverse and vibrant but if you love your quiet, visiting during the weekdays and avoiding March, June, September and December school holidays will generally provide a less crowded environment.

Crowd. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Visiting during the weekday does mean that you may miss the Hollywood Dreams Parade and Lake Hollywood Spectacular pyrotechnics show. (Please check the info calendar to be sure though!)

Hollywood Dreams Parade. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Lake Hollywood Spectacular pyrotechnics show. Photo taken by: rwsentosablog

If you’ve already bought your tickets, try to go early. Going early an hour before the park opens (10am to 6pm) will be best as you can take your obligatory photo with the Universal Globe and have a low likelihood of being photobombed!.

Photobombed. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Iconic globe. Photo taken by: realasianbeauty

What you should wear and bring?

Singapore can be hot and humid. Therefore dressing lightly and in comfortable clothing, and ready to do a lot of walking, is the way to go.

Sunny. Gif taken by: GIPHY

However, during rainy-season between the months of September to February, you should be prepared with a raincoat and protective waterproof bags (for your electronics and valuables!).

Rainy days. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Available amenities

Fret not! USS is thoughtfully well-equipped for your needs. Available amenities in USS include:

1. Drinking water at water fountains around the park. So bring an empty waterbottle. Save money and stay hydrated!

Water. Gif taken by: GIPHY

2. Park attendants who will help you take photos.

 They are far better than this, don't worry! Gif taken by: GIPHY

3. Strollers for rent (At the entrance and at Jurassic Outfitters in The Lost World)

Stroller life. Gif taken by: GIPHY

4. Wheelchairs and motorised vehicles  (At the entrance only)

Wheelchair life. Gif taken by: GIPHY

5. WiFi access

Wifi importance. Gif taken by: GIPHY


Need to leave to get something from your hotel room? Reentering USS is not a problem. Just be sure to leave with a re-entry stamp on your hand and you’re good to go (And come back, of course).

We aren't elephants. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Tips for conquering queues

Queuing is made easy in USS. But here are three tips to conquer those queues:

1. Come early 

Come early or line up! Gif taken by: GIPHY

2. Check the queue time board and plan your trip around the shorter lines

Queuing timing board. Photo taken by: rwsentosablog

3. Get the Express Pass to use the fast lane

Express. Gif taken by: GIPHY


Now you're ready to have your best trip ever. Click here to check out some amazing package to Universal Studios Singapore.

Best trip ever. Gif taken by: GIPHY

Stay tuned!

We will publish a post about the very best of USS experiences really soon. So stay tuned!

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