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Rainbow Wave of 5000 Flip-Flops

Your lost flip-flop may be in this art exhibition...

Posted on 30 May 2018

5000 Lost Soles. Photo taken by: index

5,000 Lost Soles

Positive change can only happen when we are all made aware of a problem. Visual art has time and time again delivered emotional and impactful messages that highlight the importance of a particular problem to onlookers - and this time, over 5000 discarded flip flops are involved.

Created by artist activist Liina Klauss from Germany, this artwork project was named 5,000 Lost Soles. It is now on display at Potato Head Beach Club near Seminyak, located at the southern end of Bali. This massive artwork aims to draw the attention to the fact that millions of pairs of synthetic shoes are carried to shore by waves all around the world every single year.

Waves of flip-flops. Photo taken by: liinaklauss

This art piece comprises only of flip-flops salvaged from along the shore of Bali’s west coast; helped by a small team of collectors assembled by the artist in a series of six beach clean-ups. Thereafter, the artwork was constructed and completed in just two weeks.

Beauty lies in the midst. Photo taken by: ptthead

Sorting the pink. Photo taken by: lonelyplanet

Our problem

Flip-flops are just one example of the bigger problem - and that is global plastic pollution. “Flip-flops are worn directly on the body and for a long period of time. It is crucial to my art that people make a direct connection between marine pollution and their own daily lives. After all, it is not ’the others’, it is every single one of us who is causing the global plastic pollution,” Liina said.

Our problem. Photo taken by: coolhunting

Shaped to resemble the waves of the ocean, this rainbow-spectrum art piece can be viewed through the summer of 2018.

5000 Lost Soles. Photo taken by: elami

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