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How you can make lifelong friends while travelling

Making icebreaking easy during your travels...

Posted on 01 June 2018

Lifelong friends

While traveling you may meet many different people with many different backgrounds, cultures and stories. Getting to know people on a personal level can teach us not only about their own experiences but also about things we could improve or enhance in our own lives. But sometimes we remain reserved and keep to ourselves because we fear fallacy in our social interactions.

To help guide you through sometimes intimidating icebreakers, we have compiled a list of things you can do to make lifelong friends while you’re travel:

1. Join a tour

Whether it is a walking tour or a group tour, you will be surrounded by plenty of other people that love to travel and explore new experiences and places. If the group is small enough, the tour guide may even ask everyone to introduce themselves, this is a helpful way to break the ice so that you can spark up conversations with people effortlessly.

2. Connect online

Nowadays, almost everything is online. That includes methods of connecting with other travellers. If you have a question, going into a forum thread to ask your question can lead to very interesting dialogue and maybe even a lifelong friendship.

3. Hostels

Staying at a hostel can be an awesome way to meet sociable, like-minded travellers and locals.

4. Rent a room

Renting out a room from someone’s home can also offer an amazing opportunity to meet and make a new friend. From our experience, people that rent rooms from their homes tend to be a very friendly and sociable. So don’t be shy and make a new friend!

5. Join a class

Ever wanted to learn how to cook? How about how to tango? There are many things we can learn and master a skill of. While you are travelling you could consider taking one of these classes. At the same time you are placed in a great position to make new friends!

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6. Volunteer

Volunteering your time to helping the community and the underprivileged can make a huge difference for the people you are helping and can make your trip even more rewarding. While you are volunteering you will be meeting people from many different walks of life. Take this opportunity to make many new friends and you’ll go home guaranteed to feeling AMAZING.

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7. Just say hello

Everywhere you go, people can be shy. Take initiative and challenge yourself. Be the first to say ‘Hi’, introduce yourself and be friendly. That person could end up being a lifelong friend. All from a single interaction!

Now say hello to the world

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