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Let's go to Legoland!

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Posted on 05 June 2018

Legoland Malaysia

We are sure that most people reading this either love or have at least heard of Lego. Lego is the most powerful brand in the world and have remained a household favourite toy brand for decades. But for those that have never been to Legoland, the questions are raised about it: is Legoland like every other amusement park? How would Lego actually be featured here?

Legoland. Photo taken by: destinasian

Well first of all - Legos are everywhere here. The attractions all have some Lego theme and there are plenty of opportunities for you to spend time building your own Lego structures. All over the park there are plenty of Lego buildings, animals, dragons, people, you name it. They often make sounds, so the pieces are brought that much more to life!

Even for those who are not Lego fans, the Lego structures are bound to impress you.

Legos aside, Legoland, based in Johor, Malaysia, is a well constructed, fun-filled theme park. There are plenty of exciting rides, captivating shows and attractions for people of all ages. So, be ready to have the time of your life here at Legoland!

Photo taken by: expedia

Legoland is separated between two theme parks - the main Legoland theme park and the Legoland Water Park.

Photo taken by: icosmosenterprise

Legoland Malaysia theme park

Legoland is the main theme park and is full of amazing rides, educational activities, and shows. Legoland theme park is composed of 6 theme parks, each with its own style, theme and charm.

1. Lego Technic

Most suitable for older kids and adults, featuring a cool, thrilling Project X roller coaster, and other fantastic rides too. For people 8+ years old, you can also partake in the Lego Mindstorm, a hosted activity where you can programming robots. Real cool!

Photo taken by: jaysbrickblog

2. Lego Kingdoms

Full of castles, knights and dragons! There are 2 roller coasters - a big one (the Dragon) and another for younger kids (the Dragon’s Apprentice) . The themed Kingdom also features a shop, restaurants, food stands and a massive play area too!

The Dragon. Photo taken by: legoland

3. Imagination

A 4D cinema and Build and Test area can be found here for everyone to enjoy. Imagination is perfect for the young kids and toddlers. With a child sized city for kids to play in and even a train to ride. What more can a child ask for?!

Photo taken by: sg2jb

 The 4D cinema is great and shows a film every 30 minutes. The movies are fun and enticing, with effects such as rain and snow, it is truly a special treat!


Lego 4D. Photo taken by: razzwey

The Build and Test area is also a big hit. You can choose to build race cars and test them on a racing track. Additionally, there are also Legoboards that simulate earthquakes to test your ability in building to cater for such scenario! The Build and Test area is a must-go!

Build and Test. Photo taken by: legoland

4. Land of Adventure

Go back in time to Ancient Egypt or the Dinosaur ages! The Dinosaur Island has a thrilling splash ride that is AMAZING!

Photo taken by: eatdrinklaos

As for the Egyptian theme, the Lost Kingdom Adventure is where you can shoot laser to score and be transported around a haunted house styled track.

Lost Kingdom Adventure! Photo taken by: malaysianmeanders

5. Lego City

A favourite among the kids. A ‘driving school’, a Rescue Academy (where kids can take a fire engine out to put out a fire), a boating school, planes and other rides and phenomenal attractions. This is a place of any kids dreams!

Photo taken by: streetjury

Additionally, there is a live performance here. Featuring Ninja-Go the Lego puppet show is well executed and is very enjoyable and impressive!

Photo taken by: legoland

6. Miniland

Amazing replicas of Tiananmen Square, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Singapore and many others. The Miniland features many of the world (and Malaysian) landmarks that is extremely cool! The intricate and delicate detail that goes into this exhibit is second to none.

Photo taken by: thriftytraveller

A lot of hard work has been put into the exhibit with over 100 people working over 2 years for design and 1.5 years to building it (out of LEGOS!). It is truly a job well done! So don’t count this Miniland out just yet!

Photo taken by: legoland

Legoland Malaysia Water Park

Cool down after a long and hot day in Legoland, Legoland Water Park is a fun-filled attraction with plenty to do!

Photo taken by: legoland

With many waterslides, a fantastic toddler water play area and a massive water playground, a wave pool, a lazy river ride (where you can build your raft) and other fun attractions where you can build your own boat to race.

Photo taken by: parkworld-online

Thrilling, fun and for everyone. To cool off, to enjoy and to have the time of your life, Legoland Water Park (like the rest of Legoland) is simply AWESOME!

Photo taken by: thestar

Let's go to Legoland!

So what's stopping you? Click here and find yourself in the fun-filled and exciting Legoland!

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