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Perhentian Island a Perfect Romantic Getaway

Your Most Romantic Moments Awaits...

Posted on 22 June 2018

Perhentian Island

Perhentian Island could easily be regarded as Malaysia’s most stunning and most romantic island. The ocean breezes and white-sand beaches makes this a truly special place to spend time with the people you hold closest to your heart.

Romantic settings at Perhentian Island. Photo taken by: perhentiansmall-island

Located 19km off the northeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and is not far off the coast of Thailand. Perhentian Islands are composed 2 major islands, Pulau Perhentian Kecil (Small Island) and Perhentian Besar (Big Island), and they are not far apart from each other. Although you can explore both islands in great depth, for those looking perfect romantic getaway, we highly recommend a stay at Perhentian Besar.

Paradise. Photo taken by: booking

Photo taken by: findyourworldgirl

Roadless Paradise

At Perhentian, there are no roads, only walking trails. This small island emphasises purity in nature and the evident lack of cars and motorbikes make for a truly special and refreshing atmosphere. So stroll through these beautiful islands with your loved ones and soak in all the fresh air and beautiful scenery like nowhere else in the world.

All aboard. Photo taken by: scubahive

Perhentian Beaches

All Perhentian island beaches are absolutely stunning, featuring only the softest, whitest sand that is so comfy to lay in, and crystal clear turquoise waters that borders and waves upon the gorgeous sand.

Soft white sand and crystal clear waters. Photo taken by: ohfishiee

On Perhentian Kecil, there are two main beaches, the Long beach and the Coral Bay beach. The Long Beach is bigger but more touristy. During the night, the Long beach transforms into a party, nightlife haven; with many happening bars that make for a perfect late night party for those party-loving couples! Coral bay on the other hand is quieter, smaller and becomes entirely secluded at night. So if you’re looking for a quieter romantic beach setting, Coral Bay will certainly not disappoint!

Long Beach. Photo taken by: asiahotelsnetwork

Coral Bay. Photo taken by: backpackingbella

On Perhentian Besar, our favourite beach would have to be the Turtle Beach. Arguably the most beautiful beach in Perhentian Island, furthermore, Turtle Beach is best known for (you guessed it!) turtles! You would have to be very unlucky to not spot any turtles while you’re exploring this beach. Snorkeling here is highly recommended, as you can find absolutely beautiful marine life and you can also experience swimming alongside turtles like nowhere else in the world.

Swim with turtles. Photo taken by: pulauperhentian

Top Things To Enjoy

Dive Away

With crystal clear waters, this beautiful island paradise boasts magnificent marine life that can be easily explored by snorkelers and scuba-divers. And for those looking for an adventure with loved ones, snorkeling and scuba-diving at Perhentian Island is that much more enjoyable when you’re exploring it with your loving partner.

Diving at Perhentian Island. Photo taken by: oyehappy

Relaxing on the Beach

Nothing beats having a relaxing, calming and rejuvenating day on the beach like that at Perhentian Island beaches. This simple, yet refreshing activity can be a truly romantic experience. Hold hands while you stroll down the beach and ponder the beauties of life and nature. There is nothing quite like unwinding on any of Perhentian Island’s stunning beaches!

Relax on the beach. Photo taken by: my-destiny

Jungle Trekking

For those energetic couples seeking an adventure into the beauty of Malaysian rainforests, Perhentian offers amazing jungle trekking trails.The longest trail takes about half an hour to journey into either a beach resort or an isolated beach. And definitely keep an eye out for small animals like monkeys and mouse-deers that could easily cross your path!  These trails are linked to beaches and resorts that will lead you to an invariable paradise at the end of your trekk. (Truly an adventure to experience!)

Jungle trekk! Photo taken by: chillout-soulout-freakout


Another adventurous activity that can be enjoyed in Perhentian Islands is Kayaking. There is so much you can explore in Perhentian, from viewing the islands in a spectacular way to discovering isolated beaches where you can bring along your snorkeling equipment to further explore the depths of the underwater-world the island proudly displays.

Kayaking exploration. Photo taken by: zazafollowtheadventure

Best Places to Eat

Ewan's Café

Without a doubt, Ewan’s Café is a hidden gem among Perhentian Kecil’s eateries. Based on the main Long Beach to Coral Bay path, this café is worth the venture off the main beaches just because of its food. It may not be the fanciest of restaurants but if you’re looking for a place that will please your taste buds alongside your loved ones, this is one of the best! Honest prices, warm hospitality, delicious range of Asian and Western dishes and just 2 minutes walk from Coral Bay and you will find some of the best food in the island!

Humble setting. Delicious food. Photo taken by: tripadvisor

Belinda Cafe

Eat away while you gaze into the gorgeous views of the South China Sea with your loved ones. Belinda Cafe could easily be classed as having the best food on the entire island. Here you can find authentic local and thai food and its fusion. The blends do not at all disappoint. We recommend the Somtam (papaya salad) and buttermilk chicken! (YUM!)  The deserts here are also no joke. Try some of their cakes and you will thank us later!

Stunning views. Awesome food. Photo taken by: readymap

Your Most Romantic Moments Awaits...

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Romance awaits. Photo taken by: citiestips

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