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Slovenia: Bee-Tourism is a Thing?!

Bee-Tourism is awesome! Slovenia shows us why...

Posted on 25 June 2018

Slovenia and Bee-Tourism

Apitourism, or simply put bee-tourism has begun to gain international traction. Slovenia is now trying to lead the bee-tourism industry.

Apitourism. Photo taken by: gbtimes

Plenty of Central European countries currently offer plenty of special tours that are obsessed with and emphasize all things bee-related. Honey tasting, honey drinks, and even honey massages are available and are becoming more and more popular.

Taste the honey. Photo taken by: roughguides

Honey massages. Photo taken by: slovenia

An old Slovenian tale once said that when the world was created, each land received what was most typical of it: one got the mountains; another the sea; one received endless fields; and one got thick woods. Slovenia, however, waited until the very end and received the best of everything.

Slovenia. Photo taken by: erasmusu 

Slovenia is the only country that connects Alps with the Mediterranean, the Karst with the Pannonian Plain within easily accessible distances. With plenty of stunning landscapes and natural resources, Slovenia is based at the meeting point of different worlds and remains one of the most biodiverse countries in the world!

Stunning Slovenia. Photo taken by: backpackinginheels

Carniolan Honey Bee

Slovenia is often described as the ‘cradle of beekeeping’, and is home to the Carniolan honey bee, the world famous bee to all honey-enthusiasts and bee-lovers worldwide.

Carniolan Honey Bee. Photo taken by: medium

The Carniolan honey bee is best known for its gentle, loving nature to beekeepers and ability of fighting off insect pests. For their incredible properties, in Slovenia, beekeepers exclusively breed Carniolan honey bees.

Tasting. Photo taken by: slovenia

Learning All About Bees & Honey

In Slovenia, where the Carniolan honey bee is native to, also features the famous Beekeeping Museum in Radovljica, where you can learn all about the history of apiculture in Slovenia.

Learn all about apiculture. Photo taken by: radolca

The rest of Slovenia also emphasises on broadening your knowledge of the honey and bees. Take your pick: you could learn through demonstrations, workshops and classes that include preparation and decoration of honey pastries and other pastry and gingerbread treats, beeswax candles or painting your own beehive panel.

Bake away. Photo taken by: radolca

Open-air beekeeping museums provide an excellent source of new knowledge, perspectives and insight. Adults as well as children can be utterly fascinated by the first-hand bee-watching adventure.

Open-air walkthroughs. Photo taken by: slovenia

Other Bee & Honey-Related Activities in Slovenia

Other activities include sculpting with beeswax, walking beekeeping trails, and tasting countless flavours of honey drinks and sweet treats. Interestingly, Slovenia is the only country where Hotels are graded according to how they cater for bee-tourists with one, two, or three bees.

Honey pastry decoration. Photo taken by: slovenia

World Bee Day

Slovenia also hosts the World Bee Day that was first celebrated on the 20th of May this year. The celebratory day coincides with the birthday of Slovene Anton Jansa, who was the first teacher at the world’s very first beekeeping school in the 18th century.

Stunning beehouses. Photo taken by: ecobnb 

To this day, Slovenia is home to the highest rate of beekeepers in the world. With 5 beekeepers in every 1000 inhabitants, and a maintenance of 200,000 bee colonies all around Slovenia. (That's alot of honey!)


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