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15 FASCINATING Milo Inventions in the World

Here's how the World makes it interesting...

Posted on 27 June 2018


Originally developed by Thomas Mayne in Sydney, Australia in 1934, Milo has captured the hearts of many people from many countries all around the world, including: Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Columbia and many others.

Original Milo packaging. Photo taken by: oldshopstuff

We think we speak for many of our readers when we say that we LOVE MIlo. Milo is a tasty chocolate and malt powder that is typically made into a drink. Over the years, human creativity proves boundless as we have developed many delicious and interesting ways of serving milo as a key ingredient in foods and beverages.

Milo. Photo taken by: sayangsabah

By Nestle

Most commonly sold as a powder in a green tin, there are also plenty of other snacks that Nestle sells as part of their Milo produce. These include:

Hot Milo. Photo taken by: twinsandablog

1 Milo Cereal

Cereal is a fantastic way to start the day. Cool refreshing milk mixed with Milo whole-grain, vitamins and minerals make for a perfect breakfast to kick-off the day. There several variations of this cereal but all are heavily rich in and include - none other than, Milo.

Regular Milo Cereal. Photo taken by: joybites

2 Milo Cereal Bar

A tasty and easy way of enjoying Milo is by a chocolatey crunch and a great boost of energy with the Milo Cereal Bar.

Milo Cereal bar. Photo taken by: twitter

3 Milo Nuggets

Making its debut in 1994, Milo Nuggets have been a resounding success. The compact milo, choco and malt taste is made in a nugget form and coated with a layer of chocolate. It is a convenient snack to enjoy every now and then!

Milo Nuggets. Photo taken by: flickr

4 Milo Choco Bar

In the form of a chocolate bar and made from Milo powder, Milo Choco Bars are a great substitute for your candy bar cravings.

Milo Choco Bars. Photo taken by: diadiemanuong

By the World, For the World

5 Ais Kepal Milo Pekat

Since Ais Kepal Milo Pekat or Thick Milo Round Ice in english made its name and has become viral, Malaysians have been going crazy for this thick gooey concoction of Milo combined with an orb of shaved ice!  

Ais Kepal Milo. Photo taken by: wanista

6 Milo Dinosaur

Welcome the Malaysian favourite, the Milo Dinosaur. An iced Milo drink topped with excess Milo powder for extra texture and an umph of flavour. It is no wonder the country has fallen in love with this sweet, SWEET drink!

Milo dinosaur. Photo taken by: yacucinare

7 Roti Canai Milo

Roti means bread in Malay. Typically eaten with some savoury dal, sambal or curry; Roti Canai is perfect to enjoy with plenty of dips or complimentary ingredients. In this case, Roti Canai Milo is perfect for a delicious chocolatey dessert!

Roti Canai Milo. Photo taken by: twitter

8 Kek Batik Milo

Typically eaten during celebratory occasions like Christmas or Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This non-baked Malaysian cake dessert is made from broken Marie biscuits combined with chocolate sauce, runny custard, butter, condensed milk and, you guessed it, Milo!

Kek Batik Milo. Photo taken by: thankfulhousewife

9 Milo Brownies

If you love brownies. Milo Brownies are an amazing way of enjoying brownies with a malty twist to it!

Milo brownies. Photo taken by: islandsmile

10 Milo Agar Agar

A Milo flavoured jelly like confection. Need us to say more?

Agar Agar Milo. Photo taken by: icookumakan

11 Milo Mille Crepe Cake

If you’re looking for a Milo overdose, look no further. This Milo flavoured crepe cake is drizzled with Milo sauce and sprinkled with crushed Milo nuggets. Crazy.

Milo Crepe Cake. Photo taken by: pinterest

12 ABC Milo

ABC stands for Ais Batu Campur, which means mixed ice. For this popular dish, shaved ice flavoured with coconut milk is showered with some Milo powder.

Milo ABC. Photo taken by: openrice

13 Milo Cheesecake

Why not? This cream cheese cake mixed with milo tastes very malty, creamy, chocolatey, (and of course) amazing. The cake is dangerously decadent to say the least!

Milo Cheesecake! Photo taken by: openrice

14 Neslo or Milo Mocha

For those coffee and Milo lovers, this beverage mixes the best of both worlds. Coffee and Milo.

Neslo. Photo taken by: worldofbuzz

15 Milo Maggi

Some say it's disgusting, others swear by it. We find it absolutely fascinating. Milo powder mixed into Maggi of your choosing. Enjoy!

Maggi Milo. Photo taken by: moretify

See the World

The World is a place of innovation and ingenuity. With so many variations of cultures and foods that we have yet to explore, we should take the initiative and explore the majestic of our World!


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