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Club Med Tomamu Resort: A Japanese Summer Experience

Enjoying the Club Med spirit, Hokkaido style...

Posted on 29 June 2018

Club Med Tomamu

Brimming with unspoilt nature, we were amazed with the beautiful landscape the minute we arrived to Club Med Tomamu Resort. As Club Med Tomamu is typically a hotspot for skiing activities, we wondered what the scenery would be like during the summer (without snow for skiing). We were pleasantly surprised by how Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido, has so much more to offer!

Stunning landscapes.

Our Escape

Escaping into 145 hectares of a spectacular holiday retreat where the stunning summer is encapsulated with jaw-dropping green trees and beautifully bashful flowers, we were greeted at the front halls by happy Club Med GOs. GOs or Gentle Organiser in Club Med are the ambassadors of the Club Med spirit and they are each very high energy, multi-talented and fabulous people! They made our stay at Club Med such an ease and they put a smile on our faces every time they greet us with a warm ‘Hello!’.

Pleasant GOs! Photo taken by: singaporemotherhood

Hangout area


The rooms are impeccable, spacious and tastefully designed. Vintage, colour-blocked with a modern twist, we had such amazing and luxurious experiences and rest in our rooms.  Our nights in the rooms were filled with laughter, sharing of stories and of watching fantastic movies on the big screen while we sipped on delicious complimentary Japanese green tea provided by the resort.

Luxurious rooms!

Comfortable and spacious

Touring Around

We were treated to two excursions. The first was the Bear Mountain. We were first skeptical going to the mountain as we love for animals to be kept in their own habitat rather than being retained in a confined space however when we arrived after an hour ride; we soon realised the sheer size of the reserve. We even had to tour around by a safari bus!

Let's go to the Bear Mountain!

Our Safari Bus

We expected to see maybe 2 bears but we were delighted to encounter 6 mountain bears! They were all enjoying their own activity. For example one of the baby brown bears were snuggling up to another bear then taking an awesome bath. All our worries about the mountain bears were relinquished when we saw the brown bear scratching its back on the tree. You can see that the caretakers truly loved the bears as they talk about them so fondly and told us plenty of stories of their adorable and mischievous doings.

Happy bear!

Taking a swim?

On the other excursion, Aki, our lovely excursion GO (who also brought us to the Bear Mountain) brought us to Farm Tomita which is apparently  one of the largest lavender fields in Hokkaido and is considered a “premium” flower farm filled with poppies, daisies and even spider flowers. We tried the instagram-famous lavender ice-cream but what we would love to recommend is their fresh melons! Trust us when we say that the fresh melons are probably the sweetest, most flavourful melons you would ever taste (unless you’ve already tasted it, of course!).

Farm Tomita

Beautiful flowers

Enjoying a tasty treat looking at gorgeous flowers

Beautiful colours!


We went around for an hour to buy souvenirs back for loved ones and it was worth the hour trip from the resort. Aki was so kind to let us shop at a 7-Eleven and Furamo Organic market nearby to buy late nights Japanese snacks and Clear Coca-Cola (only in Japan!).

Crystal clear coke?! Photo taken by: youtube

Fun Activities

As the excursions are usually only half-day long, we filled our time with the activities provided by Club Med such as mountain biking, hiking, pilates and many, many more. But we definitely would recommend trying the trapeze! It was quite an interactive and supportive experience filled with fun - especially if you travel with family and friends, everyone rooting for each other while you are trying to not let go of the trapeze bar when you are up high in the sky.

Let's hike!

Shoot some arrows

Mountain Biking away

All-Inclusive Meals?

At Club Med, breakfast, lunch, dinner and an all day bar & snacks are all-inclusive! Desserts were uniquely superb and and you must try the hot chocolate! The Hokkaido milk is rich and mildly sweet, giving a delicious umph to the flavourful drink. The myriad of dishes (albeit more focused to the Asian cuisine) was prepared daily by international chefs and our stomach is always filled with more than a 5 course meal every single day.


Dessert anyone?

Beautifully prepared

Our tasty sashimi

Shabu Shabu!

Dragon fruitilicious

Chocolate cake and hot chocolate milk anyone?

Mouth-watering goodness

Oh and in Club Med be sure to take advantage of the free flow of alcohol!

Awesome bar experience!


We mentioned above that the GO’s are multi-talented, this is evident as every night at 8.30 pm you can watch a performance of their life with a different show every night. We were enthralled and laughed passionately with every show. The best moments have to be the dancing you can enjoy with everyone, no matter your age!

Showtime. Photo taken by: snowsbest

Our Conclusion

The final take of our trip to Club Med Tomamu during summer is the experience we had with our ever-so-cheerful GO’s. Bonding over outdoor activities and delicious food with family and friends as well as the breath of fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Club Med Tomamu would definitely be a beautiful resort perfect for the ski-holidays (we can just imagine blankets of snows around the mountain surrounding Club Med) but during the Japanese summer, the excursions, facilities and wonderful activities exclusive to Club Med Tomamu visitors will not only keep you busy, but will surely provide unforgettable moments!

Ski during the winter

Unforgettable moment during the summer

Watch how our adventure went and don't forget to book your next Club Med Tomamu experience! goes to Club Med Tomamu

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