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Fans Cleaning Up After World Cup Matches

Let's learn from one another...

Posted on 03 July 2018


In light of Japan’s elimination from the World Cup with the last minute 3-2 loss against Belgium: we would like to remember Japan's football influence on the world.

Still united. Photo taken by: thesefootballtimes

Typically, after a rowdy sporting event, the stands are left with food waste, cups and wrappers scattered in the heat of the moment.

After an intense World Cup match between Colombia and Japan. Japanese fans had every reason to go wild on that Tuesday night as their team had won the opening game, winning it by 2-1.

Celebration. Photo taken by: thenewdaily

After the game, Japanese fans ‘shocked’ us all when they begun meticulously cleaning up their rows.

Picking it up. Photo taken by: chinasmack

Equipped with large garbage bags they brought along, fans marched through their rows picking up rubbish to leave the place as neat as they had found it.

Nothing New

This is not the first time Japan has shown this kind of etiquette internationally. Back in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, fans stayed back after the match to pick up their own trash, despite the Japanese team loss of 2-1 to the Ivory Coast.

Game against Ivory Coast. Photo taken by: mainichi

But this time, social media has taken notice, making this action a viral phenomenon.

Now, fans of other countries have picked up on this too!


Senegal fans were applauded for following such an example set by Japanese fans by cleaning up after their side’s 2-1 victory against Poland.


Furthermore, when Uruguay defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0, fans of Uruguay took a break from high-fiving one another and rolled up their sleaves to help pick up garbage from their rows.

Uruguay! Photo taken by: standard

Saudi Arabia

As for Saudi Arabia, despite the bitter loss, Saudi fans pitched in and helped clean up too!

Saudi Arabia doing their part. Photo taken by: twitter

Let’s Learn From One Another

It is rather amazing how we can leave an impression to the world with a simple, thoughtful and empathetic action. But we think it is more amazing that we can learn cultural phenomenons from one another and work together to make a better world.

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