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Top 10 BEST Durians EVER!

Durian season has come! Let's eat...

Posted on 10 July 2018


Durian is an acquired taste. Not many have had the opportunity to even taste durian. This is primarily because durian is mostly found and consumed only in South East Asia with very few exceptions of durians being sold internationally.

But for those that love durian, LOVE durian. Luckily for those people, this year (2018) is predicted to be the best season for durians (in terms of quality and quantity) relative to the last 3 years!  

Durian Season in Penang of 2018. Photo taken by: yearofthedurian

Durian is a creamy, tender and sweet fruit that is encased by a distinctive thorny outer-shell. The flesh of the fruit is wrapped around its noticeably large and solid seed. The taste of durian is like no other too! The taste of durian is simply just, durian-y or durian-like.

So, for our durian-loving readers, we have compiled a list of our favourite durian:

1 Kop White (D99)

Larger durians can fall prematurely (due to its weight) and leave many strings and half-unripened rubbery bits in the shell. The taste of unripened durian is not great.

Kop White. Photo taken by: yearofthedurian

But Kop White is an exception. This bigger than large durian does not fall unripened rather it falls well-ripe and when opened, it presents beautifully white and tender durian fruit. This dinosaur of a durian is unmistakable, lip-tingling, satisfyingly cold and bitter flavour that is a hardcore durian-lovers dream!

2 Sultan (D24)

One of the more popular durian types in Malaysia, D24 durian gained popularity since the mid 1990s and many durian-enthusiast still swear by it today.  A good D24 is usually a little oddly shaped, with a bump/hump on its side.

Sultan. Photo taken by: durian

The flesh is usually very thick, while the seeds are quite wholesome (not very small indeed). As for the aroma, it can be strong, yet the texture is smooth and pleasant, full of character, and leaves you wanting more.  Some are bitter, some are bitter-sweet and others are sweet-bitter. We love all variations, though!

D24. Photo taken by: nst

3 Red Prawn

Originally found in Penang, Red Prawn from Penang is now difficult to come by. Nowadays, Red Prawn can be found in Pahang. The loveable name comes from the durian’s flesh being orangey red in colour and is quite sticky. The taste comes with a hint of sweetness of aftertaste and is extremely enjoyable!

Red Prawn. Photo taken by: yummydurian

4 Musang King

Musang King is the king of the ‘king of fruits’. This type of durian is the most popular durian in Malaysia and comes with irresistible golden yellow flesh that is tasty, creamy, filling and very, very satisfying.

Musang King. Photo taken by: hmetro

The highly sought for nature of Musang King has made this delicious durian very costly, but you get what you pay for! Delicious!

Royal fruit. Photo taken by: nst

5 Musang Queen (D160)

Every king needs his queen. Surely, durian lovers everywhere knows Musang King but less commonly, Musang Queen is also a royal treat. The shape of this durian is so odd, you’d most certainly remember its curves. The taste though is amazing. Quite a prominent bitter taste with hints of sweetness. The taste is very exquisite and is stranger than the normal teka. As for the texture it is creamy and filling. As Musang Queen is quite uncommon with vendors, count yourself lucky if you do find it. And definitely try it when you do! Thank us later!

Photo taken by: lowyat

6 XO

This durian is a soft and very bitter tasting durian with a interesting ‘alcohol-like’ after taste. This durian is mostly found in Pahang and Johor and is very common to find in most durian stalls.

7 Pearl Durian

Contrary to the XO the Pearl Durian is quite difficult to find. A favourite among Singaporeans, this durian contains flesh that is soft in texture and has smaller seeds. The flesh is so soft and creamy that it falls right off the seed and comes with a taste that is immensely sweet and bitter! Very delicious and is comparable to the Musang King!

Video taken by: youtube

8 Golden Bun (D13)

The Golden Bun is interesting for its very deep yellow flesh and creamy texture. It tastes brilliant and is quite sweet.

D13. Photo taken by: eztakaful

9 Black Thorn Durian

The Black Thorn Durian is given its name for a black tail that protrudes out of the back of the durian. In 2012, this durian won a prominent durian competition in Penang, beating the national favourite Musang King!

Black thorn durian. Photo taken by: foodmsia

This doesn’t surprise us though! The colour is a golden orange and is creamy, with bitterness similar to that of the XO.

Inside a Black Thorn Durian. Photo taken by: foodmsia

10 Kacang Hijau

This petite durian comes with fruits with an off-white flesh and tastes almost like French Vanilla Ice Cream. We aren’t kidding! Translated as ‘green bean’ for the deep green spikes the taste is dense and is a definite MUST-TRY!

Green Beans. Photo taken by: yearofthedurian

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