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Insects Delicacies in Thailand! YUM?

Creepy crawlies as a snack? Let's see...

Posted on 12 July 2018

Insect Craze

If you’re an adventurous person who indulges in meat, you might already be bored of the usual Chicken, Beef or Fish option. So why not try something new?

Hello! Photo taken by: iamaileen 

Well, lucky for you, an adventure in Thailand is never complete without trying one of the country’s most exotic snacks: insects.

How did this craze come to be?

According to local belief, snacking on insects originated from the suburban northeastern region of Thailand and became more popular as these Thais ventured into the inner city to find an urban life, thus making this snack a national phenomenon.

Photo taken by: vietnamfriendship

It is said that the suburban areas were striken with poverty, and since crops were difficult to grow and cattle was difficult to raise, these locals had to seek a way for nourishment. Therefore, they resorted to eating insects and bugs that were easy to catch. Eventually, it became a favourite snack!

Tasty insect snack! Photo taken by: iamaileen

But, this delicacy is no longer confined to the poor and hungry. People all over Thailand enjoy this snack, rich or poor! So, while in Thailand... Enjoy!

How does it taste?

You may fear and envision that while indulging in insects tiny legs will move around in your mouth and would have a disgusting texture (perhaps with some icky liquid oozing out!).

But luckily, it really isn’t like that at all! As for texture, Thai insect snacks that are deep fried tend to not be as juicy but is more dry and crunchy.

Whereas for the taste it does NOT taste like chicken! With a moderate raw taste, these Thai insect snacks are flavoured typically by using chili, soy sauce and salt; forming a slight spicy and savoury hint.

Spicy and savoury. Photo taken by: intrepidtravel

Where can you find it?

These snacks are very commonly found all around street stalls in Thailand. So if you’re looking, you can be assured that this delacy is hard to miss! (Surely, big piles of creepy crawlies displayed in the open will quickly catch anyone’s attention).

Insect Market. Photo taken by: foodfuntravel

If you are unable to find it, you could always ask someone for directions or tips and they will be more than glad to help you out.

How much does it cost?

One bag typically costs about ฿20 baht (or $0.60, or RM2.40) and the biggest portions can cost up to ฿50 baht ($1.50 or RM6). If you only want to try a single piece, it will cost ฿10 baht ($0.3+ or RM 1.20).

A bag of treats. Photo taken by: migrationology

Or you could try it in this. Photo taken by: nhpr

Is it safe to eat insects?

If you’ve ever watched Bear Grylls from his hit show, ‘Man vs. Wild’, at times while he is deserted in the midst of a jungle, (and when he gets hungry, of course) he’d crack open some tree bark which he suspects had some insects living underneath. Surely enough, a colony of insects would be revealed, he’d then reach and grab several (raw) and eat them whole. So the answer is yes, insect eating is perfectly safe.

Although this is merely an example, an U.N. report had recently shown and confirmed that insects are generally of high nutritional value. More specifically, insects possess higher protein content and quality over any meat or fish!

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