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7-Elevens Around the World!

Many different countries - many different 7-11s...

Posted on 24 July 2018


All around the world a 7-Eleven is open right now. Open to the public 24/7, a new store is born every 2 hours. With more outlets than McDonalds, 7-Eleven is truly an international phenomenon.

7-Eleven. Photo taken by: insideretailthailand

To Americans, 7-Eleven is merely a store for quenching a slurpee or snack craving. But in other countries, you will find a wholly different ‘7-Eleven culture’. Each 7-Eleven tailors to the needs and tastes of the locals there.

Here is a list of some interesting 7-Elevens in the world


If 7-Elevens had a power level, 7-Eleven in most countries are a level 2. In Taiwan, 7-Elevens are over 9000!

There are around 4,400 7-Elevens in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. These stores are stocked with purchasable electronics like iPods, and a selection of local-favourite meals. Taiwanese 7-Elevens provide a place to pay your credit card bills, traffic tickets, and even property taxes. But wait. Because there's more… In Taiwan, 7-Elevens even host programs for health screening, package pickup services and even dry-cleaning facilities.

Instant noodle favourites. Photo taken by: dreamstime 

Just to make things more interesting, in Taipei city earlier this year, Taiwanese 7-Eleven has introduced its completely automated store '7-Eleven X'. The future is here. And it looks cool.

Unmanned 7-Eleven X. Photo taken by: pcschool


During lunch hours, people in Japan commonly gravitate toward a single place, and that is their closest 7-Eleven store. This isn't surprising though, because Japan 7-Elevens are an amazing spot to quickly grab a healthy, cheap and wholesome meal.

Japanese 7-Eleven. Photo taken by: japantimes

Suprisingly fresh, with quality that you could find in a everyday restaurant, the dishes could vary from bento boxes to soup dumplings and fresh sushi.

Sushi. Photo taken by: awol.junkee

If you’re looking for a tasty drink, look no further than a Japanese 7-Eleven. The selection is equipped with delicious champagnes, sakes, beers, scotch, Korean makgeolli, French and Chilean wines, and even the store’s own personal brand, Yosemite Road. Basically a modern wine bar called 7-Eleven! The coffee isn’t half bad too. Most of the 7-Elevens in Japan even provide self-serve coffee makers with built-in bean grinders for an affordable and perfect cup of coffee.


7E Coffee. Photo taken by: japantrends

Hong Kong

A night-out in Hong Kong will surely be a happening and thrilling event. But uniquely in Hong Kong, it is common for locals to first enjoy their drinks at 7-Eleven. On any given weekend night, you’ll see plenty people standing outside 7-Eleven, loitering and enjoying their drinks - resembling almost an open-aired bar. The most happening of which would probably be the Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) 7-Eleven in Hong Kong.

7E in Hong Kong. Photo taken by: punchdrink

So, don’t forget to stop by a 7-Eleven the next time you plan to have a wild night in Hong Kong: the drinks are considerably cheaper than at a bar or club, and you’re find yourself experiencing an interesting nightlife culture like nowhere else in the world!


Drinks. Photo taken by: thepointsoflife


Offering package pickup, fuel, ATMS, local food and Slurpees, Australian 7-Elevens offer one product that most 7-Elevens unfortunately lack.

And that is the sugary, blissful taste of the delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Krispy Kreme delivers a variety of fresh doughnuts to most 7-Elevens in Australia. For those that have yet to experience the unadulterated euphoria of Krispy Kreme, then stop reading and bust out your GPS and find yourself the closest Krispy Kreme! You’ll thank us later.


Krispy Kreme. Photo taken by: guardian


More like a coffeehouse, cafe than a 7-Eleven, 7-Elevens in Indonesia is there for you if you’re looking for some coffee and entertainment. Equipped with free WiFi, inside and outside seating, and even live musical performances, 7-Eleven is a hip and young place to chill and hangout.

Live music at 711. Photo taken by: nytimes

Alike in Hong Kong, Indonesian 7-Elevens welcome those experiencing the local nightlife there. Asides from cheap alcohol, you can find students and locals engrossed in their laptops to work or study even in the early hours. After all, 7-Eleven is opened 24/7!


Jom 7-Eleven. Photo taken by: seminyaktimes


Do you love spam? How about sushi? Well, in 7-Eleven Haiwaii you can get spam sushi. Nicknamed the “Hawaiian steak” - if you are not aware, Hawaiians are obsessed with spam. It comes to no surprise that every 7-Eleven in Hawaii serves spam musubi. This dish is basically a slice of fried spam placed on top of a bed of vinegar rice and wrapped in nori dried seaweed.

Spam. Photo taken by: littlehawaii

Locals even dub 7-Eleven’s spam musubi (spam with rice wrapped in seaweed) as the best place to buy spam musubi in Hawaii. You can also find spam on the islands’ McDonald’s and Burger King menus. But don’t let your past prejudice of spam deter you from trying this ‘Hawaiian Steak’ because it really is quite good! (And interesting too!)

Spam in different flavours. Photo taken by: tastyislandhawaii


You may be surprised to hear but in Scandinavia, 7-Eleven is very popular! You can find the everyday snacks like slurpees and hot dogs here, but in Denmark, you will find patrons the option of Paleo salads and healthy snacks too. For 7-Eleven fans visiting Copenhagen, be sure to also check out the city’s mega-sized store!

Healthy options at 7Eleven. Photo taken by: vogue

See the World

There are many things we can explore in this world, from McDonalds to 7-Elevens - with many similarities, let's celebrate our differences too! Go on your adventure now. See the World!

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