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MUST-TRY Durian Delicacies in Malaysia

Durian delicacies anyone?...

Posted on 26 July 2018

It’s durian season!

For those that love durian. We have good news for you! This year (2018) is predicted to be the best season for durians (in terms of quality and quantity) relative to the past 3 years!  

Durians! Photo taken by: michelin

This durian craze does not stop with just the eating durian fruit though. With such a great season for durians, it would be easy to find some amazing durian delicacies all over South East Asia.

Durian opened. Photo taken by: chowhound

Here is a list of some of our favourite Durian delicacies found in Malaysia.

Durian Cake

Durian cake comes in many shapes and forms. Some are creamy made with a soft sponge cake and some are creamy with a set cheesecake base. But if you love cake and durian - both of these types are to die for!

Durian Cake. Photo taken by: citynomads

Some bakeries and cafes also serve chocolate durian cake, so keep an eye out for this light, creamy durian confection with a rich chocolate coating. Delicious!

Choco Durian Cake. Photo taken by: openrice

When you have the chance you must try the 3D Durian cake! It exemplifies a durian with a stunning durian-taste. If it was really true that 'eyes eat first' - feast your eyes!

3D Durian Cake. Photo taken by: tripadvisor

Durian Egg-Tart

This eggy, durian-y egg-tart is very aromatic and creamy. These are simply amazing with a hardened textured base with a soft jelly-like set custard on top. The taste is even better! A perfect blend of egg-tart and durian! Yum!

Egg Tart Durian. Photo taken by: lessonsgowhere

Durian Popiah

This is where it gets a little weirder. Durian filled within popiah skin is then fried then served. This crunchy skin with soft and creamy durian filling is a wholesome and satisfying little snack.

Durian Popiah. Photo taken by: jewelpie

Durian Pancake

Durian flavoured pancakes are made into a roll-full of durian-flavoured cream and none other than durian itself. This dessert is basically a durian-lovers dream come true. It looks awesome, and tastes so GOOD.

Durian Pancake. Photo taken by: masteresep

Durian Mooncake

Durian Mooncake. Need us to say more? It is durian flavoured mooncake. We think the mooncake festive period can’t get any better than this because we love durian, and for those that love durian too definitely need to try this traditional confection with a durian-twist.

Durian Mooncake. Photo taken by: theluxenomad

Durian Ice Cream

There are many different kinds of durian ice cream. So what’s stopping you? Try as many as you can! All are special in their own way!

Durian Ice Cream. Photo taken by: yyfood

Durian Mochi

Durian filling in mochi. This Japanese-favourite is made with the South East Asian 'King of Fruit' at its very heart. And it is truly delicious! With the perfect texture for a durian flavour we put this on the top of our list for sure!

Durian Mochi. Photo taken by: jewelpie

Durian Bun

Buns with durian cream in the middle. Everything about this is just right. And the taste? Durian.

Durian Bun. Photo taken by: jewelpie


For Malaysians, this sticky sweet is something we are all familiar with. It is chewy, and a little sticky but the taste is unmistakably durian. So if you haven’t already tried some dodol. Do so now!

Dodol. Photo taken by: coconuts

Durian Egg Roll

This is a traditional egg roll that during the making process is flavoured by durian. Egg roll + Durian = Fantastic flavours! Who knew?

Durian Egg-Rolls! Photo taken by: jewelpie

Durian Fritters

This is a must-try! When you first skin your teeth in this crispy pastry, you will find smooth durian cream that tickles your taste buds. One warm fritter is never enough. These aromatic and mouth-watering are as yummy as can be!

Fritters. Photo taken by: burpple 

Durian Adventure! 

If you have read this far, you must be in love with durian! So why not go on a durian travel adventure? Click here to find out more! 

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