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5 World’s HARDEST Countries to Visit

Hard doesn't mean impossible...

Posted on 14 August 2018

World's Hardest Countries to Visit

The world is full of awesome places! But some governments in the world are more restrictive when it comes to tourism in their own home countries. Here is a list of countries that are the most difficult to visit on your travel adventure.

Tiger's Nest Temple. Photo taken by: gadventures

North Korea

This is the world’s most secretive nation. Just 100,000 visitors had the opportunity to visit this country. In North Korea you’re not allowed to travel independently and must be accompanied by a tour guide from one of few the state-approved tour operators.

Pyongyang. Photo taken by: themuttonclub

Surprisingly, a tourist visa is not too difficult to obtain (although it does take six to eight weeks to arrive). Unfortunately, any visit must be limited to a pre-planned itinerary.

North Korean Capital. Photo taken by: sky


The world’s largest country isn’t the hardest to visit but a lot of planning must be done to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

Saint Basil's Cathedral. Photo taken by: guiadasemana

You’ll need an invitation which can be handled by the hotel you’ll be staying at. It can also take some time for your visa to arrive and don’t be surprised if your application is given even further scrutiny when you land!

Moscow. Photo taken by: holeinthedonut


Somalia has become increasingly known for its internal conflicts for many years whilst many governments from around the world warn against travelling into this country.

Somalia. Photo taken by: onestep4ward


Alike Somalia, Libya has seen its fair share of conflict internally and internationally. But it is not impossible to visit! (Albeit, just like Somalia, most foreign governments advise against travelling into Libya.)

Libya. Photo taken by: israelnationalnews

Libya’s land borders with Algeria, Niger, Sudan and Chad are closed to non-Africans so you’ll need to enter through Egypt. There are no direct flights to Libya from either the UK or US, but Afriqiyah Airways flies from Istanbul to Tripoli or you could take a connecting flight through Tunis. The ancient Roman ruins of Leptis Magna, about 80 miles away from Tripoli, have been revered for its beauty.

Leptis Magna. Photo taken by: youtube


Bhutan is most stunning for its grand temples (like the Tiger Nest Temple *refer to the first photo) and beautiful mountainous terrain. But before 1974, people were unable to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan. Mountainous Tibet and the dense jungles of West Bengal have made it virtually impossible to access.

Bhutan Culture. Photo taken by: abercrombiekent

Today, there are two airlines that fly to and from Bhutan, those are the Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. Roads have also been exponentially improved if you’re travelling by car. But if you’re travelling to Bhutan you must book your travel package and not an air ticket alone.

Bhutan. Photo taken by: tourist2townie 

Explore Bhutan loves to make things easy for our users, and so we make visiting the gorgeous nation of Bhutan and its delicate balance of the old and new world difficult to be missed by any avid traveller. Click here to book your very own travel experience to Bhutan, one of the world’s most difficult countries to visit!

Visit Bhutan! Photo taken by: tourist2townie

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