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Non-Melting Ice Cream in Japan?!

Ice cream that doesn't melt!...

Posted on 21 August 2018

Innovation in Japan

When we think of Japan, we think innovation. Japan is always looking to reinvent, renew and reinspire. From reliable cars like Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota, to ultrafast-bullet trains and even cube-like watermelons. 

Cube Watermelon. Photo taken by: redduckpost

This time, Japan is yet again headlined for its innovative ways. Have you ever had your delicious ice cream melt away way too soon? Well, those days are over!

 The Breakthrough

The breakthrough happened at the Biotherapy Development Research Center Co., where the company were looking to make use of some strawberries from Miyagi Prefecture.

The result. Photo taken by: refinedguy

They asked a pastry chef to come up with a new use for the polyphenol extracted from the strawberries. After much trial and error, the chef reported back that cream would solidify when mixed with the compound.

Non-melting. Photo taken by: odditycentral

This gave their team inspiration to go in a new direction. That’s where they began working with developer Tomihisa Ota in Kanazawa to create the heat-resistant dessert. The company began its sales of this product in April at the town it was made, Kanazawa. Hence the icecream name, Kanazawa Ice.

Kanazawa Ice. Photo taken by: tabelog

Kanazawa Ice

Found also in tea, Polyphenol is able to slow down the separation of water and oil. This makes the non-melting ice popsicles that everyone has longed for finally possible.

Ice. Photo taken by: tabelog

Coming with a variety of shapes and flavours. They live up to the hype! Tasting very good! And not to mention, the ice cream is able to maintain its shape for several hours in warm weather, still feeling chilly in the mouth. Now that’s amazing!

Beautifully presented. Photo taken by: moshimoshi-nippon 

Visit Japan!

Japan just can't stop surprising us all with new and innovative things! So what's stopping you? Visit Japan!

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