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Packing Guide When Travelling to Krabi

Get the best out of Krabi, pack the right things...

Posted on 15 January 2018

First and foremost,

You want to go light when you travel to Krabi, or anywhere else in Thailand for that matter. The reason is simple. When you begin shopping in Thailand you will want to bring back plenty of gifts for yourslef and your loved ones. Food, souvenirs, gifts, even underwear in Thailand is extremely inexpensive. Therefore, have some space in your bag before you fly off to the gorgeous province of Krabi. It will also save you the stress and strain of carrying that unnecessarily heavy bag. 


Between the months of November up till May, Krabi will be extremely sunny with mild sea activity. To witness the best of Krabi, do your eyes a solemn and bring some sunglasses.

Light clothing

Krabi is typically humid and hot, you will not want to overheat by wearing that 3-inch thick sweater you got last Christmas. So pack thin clothing made of light, comfortable fabrics. Examples of this include singlets, thin T-shirts, shorts and others.

Beach Essentials

Krabi is a beach-centric province, in both its mainland and islands accommodating some of the world’s stunning beaches. Don’t miss a single moment of it purchasing beach gear at inflated prices. Bring all the beach essentials. This includes flip-flops, beachwear, sunblock and others. Mosquito repellant will also be helpful.

Underwater Camera

Marine life and clear-blue waters is Krabi’s forté. Scuba-diving and snorkeling in Krabi are therefore very popular activities. Take some unique and mesmerizing underwater photos among the unscathed marine life by bringing an underwater camera. If you cannot afford one of those expensive digital ones, there are plenty of budget or even disposable options available to you.

Universal Power Adapter

In Thailand the 3 power adaptors adopted are the types A, B and C. Save yourself the trouble and bring a universal travel power adapter. If you don’t already own one, buy one now!

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