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TOP 3 Things you can do on MERDEKA Day

Let's enjoy Merdeka Day to its fullest!...

Posted on 30 August 2018


Patriots. Photo taken by: tourism

On 31 August 1957, Malaysia gained its independence. Today we celebrate this special national achievement on yearly basis. So every year on the 31 August, we remember our nation’s achievements, freedoms and sacrifices that we had endured together.

Tunku Abdul Rahman announcing Merdeka! Photo taken by: nst

By celebrating our Independence or Merdeka Day, we acknowledge and own our long and complicated history with pride. The whole month of August is actually dedicated to celebrating Malaysia’s independence but this particular day is when things are at its peak!

Malaysians. Photo taken by: says

So here are some of the best things you can do during Merdeka Day:

#1. Visit the Army Museum, Port Dickson

This is more than just a museum. Evoking a passion for our country and a sense of pride and patriotism for our national past. Our Army Museum commemorates key moments of our country and its military and national heroes.

Army Museum. Photo taken by: portdickson

As a property of the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces, the museum traces Malaysia’s exploits and achievements through history, trumped up with dramatised aspects and romantic story-telling.

One. Photo taken by: thesundaily

An amazing feature is the re-created mock-up of a communist underground tunnel. You walk down into the ground and into a darkened tunnel which has a communist sentry, surgery room, mock operations room and ammunition store.

Communist sentry. Photo taken by: malaysia 

In addition to the elaborate museum buildings, the spacious grounds also house decommissioned military vehicles, including planes, tanks and artillery guns, and a memorial fountain dedicated to soldiers who served through Malaysia’s war history. Children will love this museum because they can climb into some of the military vehicles and take pictures too! So feel free to bring your loved ones on your amazing trip here! It is open daily from morning till evening, and entry is FREE for all visitors!

Military vehicles. Photo taken by: tourism

#2. Visit Tugu Negara (National Monument)

One place with patriotic significance that Malaysians rarely visit is the Tugu Negara or National Monument. Deeply rooted in Malaysia’s history, the National Monument (Tugu Negara) stands tall and proud as a testament of the sacrifices that we as a nation have gone through. Visiting this awe-inspiring place can bring back mixed feelings. Memories of struggles and triumphs, and a commemoration of our nation’s heroes and liberators!

Our nation. Photo taken by: wonderfulmalaysia

After visiting the Marine Corps War Memorial in Virginia in 1960, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s first prime minister and founding father, became inspired and built this monument in 1966 at Jalan Tugu, off Jalan Parlimen, Tugu Negara. The monument was designed by the late Tan Sri Felix de Weldon, an American sculptor of Austrian origin who had worked on the Marine Corps War Memorial. The construction of Tugu Negara began in 1963.

Satu Negara. Photo taken by:malaysia

Proudly standing, this bronze sculpture depicts a group of seven soldiers. In the middle stands a soldier in a victorious pose, his right hand holding a Malaysian flag (made from cloth). The height of the monument is 15m, making it the largest free-standing bronze sculpture in the world. A visit here is a certainly a must!

Heroes. Photo taken by: backpackingmalaysia

#3. Watching the Independence Day Parade

This coming 31 August 2018 marks the 61st anniversary of Malaysia’s national independence. This annual celebration is not complete without the splendour of our traditional parade! Held at Putrajaya, on Independence Day itself, the national day parade will take place at 7 am in the presence of Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Malaysia and other VIPs like the Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia, Malaysian cabinet ministers, foreign ambassadors and other dignitaries.

Sea of patriots. Photo taken by: discoverkl

Although Putrajaya is at the heart of Malaysia's celebrations, expect smaller Hari Kemerdekaan celebrations all over the country to include parades and fireworks.

Malaysia. Photo taken by: flickr

The military, police force, naval forces, public and private sector school staff and children will be participating as part of this parade! The event will be filled with a procession, cultural performances, military demonstration, intricate floats, and other interesting attractions. So, put on your most patriotic gear, grab a flag and start your celebration!

Malaysian people. Photo taken by: malaymail


So... Explore the Best of Malaysia

Let's enjoy our independence day to the fullest and experience the best of Malaysia! Click here to find out more.

Explore Malaysia. Photo taken by: medicaltravelasia

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