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Packist Fair 2018 Has Arrived!

The biggest online travel promotional event in Malaysia...

Posted on 07 September 2018

Packist Fair 2018 

The season for the best travel deals, ever has arrived! From the 8th to 14th September, Packist Fair 2018, the biggest online travel promotional event in Malaysia will take place!


How does it work?

Each flash sale promotion is scheduled on an hourly basis. With featured travel packages on discount up to 40%, we are making travel more easily accessible for people all over the world. On top of this discount,  Packist is offering a further RM200 discount for selected travel packages (see below for the code).

What’s on offer?

The sale will feature travel packages of hotspots including: 


Dubai. Photo taken by: tripadvisor


Shanghai city. Photo taken by: sctabroad


Mt. Fuji. Photo taken by: lonelyplanet


Photo taken by: asiamediastudio 


Lanterns. Photo taken by: youtube


Bali. Photo taken by: nationalgeographic

See the World!

Packist is looking to offer customers with some of the best, unique travel experiences to people looking to explore new places, cultures, and food. Click here to find out more!

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