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4 AMAZING Places to Visit in Japan!

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Posted on 11 September 2018

Only in Japan!

In this blog, we feature 4 amazing places you can visit in Japan!

Visit Mount Fuji and Hakone National Park

Journey to Japan's highest peak and spend the day soaking in the natural beauty of Mount Fuji and Hakone National Park. Travel in comfort from Tokyo and reach elevated viewpoints, cruise across the peaceful waters of Lake Ashi, and ride a cable car to the summit of Mount Komagatake to visit an ancient shrine.

Mount Fuji. Photo taken by: planetware

Snag a seat on a comfortable coach from your pick-up location in central Tokyo for your ride out of the city. Drive off in the direction of Mount Fuji, admiring this towering volcanic peak—an iconic natural landmark that's been depicted in Japanese artwork for centuries—as you approach. Drive right up to the mountain's 5th Station, which sits 7,546 feet (2,300 metre) above sea level, and take in sweeping, panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.

Photo taken by: lonelyplanet 

Take a break for lunch, then head to the shores of nearby Lake Ashi, a beautiful crater lake that sits along the caldera of Mount Hakone. Bast in the views of Mount Fuji as you relish in the calm of the peaceful waters. Then, hop on the Mount Komagatake Ropeway for a quick and scenic 7-minute ride to its peak. Spend an hour or so at the summit, strolling around and riding the cableway up to the ancient spiritual site at the Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya. After exploring the natural beauty and cultural landmarks of the area, head back to your coach for the return ride to Tokyo.

Lake Ashi. Photo taken by: wikipedia

Stroll Through Kyoto & Nara Park

Explore the must-see sight of the historically-rich Kyoto, including the spectacular Nijo Castle, eminent Kinkaku-ji and grand Kyoto Imperial Palace. In the afternoon, embark to Nara, home of pacific Nara Park and the famous temple of Todai-ji.

Kyoto Imperial Palace. Photo taken by: kyoto

Begin your day with a visit to Nijo Castle to admire its beautiful interior and serene adjacent gardens. Then proceed to the exquisite Kinkaku-ji, often called the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, where the garden is famous for its authentic Japanese architecture that incorporates the three styles of shinden, samurai and zen.

Nijo Castle. Photo taken by: travelcaffeine

Make your way to Kyoto Imperial Palace and gain exclusive access to the former residence of the emperor of Japan. Develop a deeper understanding of imperial culture and traditions as your professional guide will explain the various functions of these historic facilities.

Palace. Photo taken by: tripexpert

Indulge in a delicious Japanese lunch before making your way to Nara. At Nara Park, you are greeted by many freely roaming deer that call this place home, the adorable deer is happy to eat right from your hand, so get feeding! Afterwards, head to Japan’s most famous temple – Todai-ji, or the Eastern Great Temple – and observe Japan’s largest bronze statue of the Great Buddha, which took almost ten years to build.

Nara Park. Photo taken by: travel.gaijinpot

Stop at the nearby Kasuga Grand Shrine, featuring over 3,000 stone and bronze lanterns adorning the temple that have all been donated by worshipers. Complete your day with a visit to Nara’s biggest souvenir shop, bustling Nara Nagomikan, with memorable items that are exclusive to Nara.

Photo taken by: trip-n-trave

Explore the World Heritage Shirakawa-go & Takayama 

Indulge in a day of traditional Japanese landscapes in Gifu prefecture, standout attractions in Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go. Look forward to quaint historic streets, an unique village, stunning mountain landscapes and sample authentic local delicacies.

Takayama. Photo taken by: yabai

Setting off from Nagoya station, sit back and relax on the bus journey enjoying the landscape turn from an urban sprawl to the rural and rugged Northern Alps mountains, increasing the anticipation for the trip.

Shirakawago. Photo taken by: japanvisitor

Stretch your legs at Hida Takayama where the picturesque scenery is immediately striking. This well-preserved castle town is known as 'Little Kyoto' for its historic district filled with character and townhouses from the Edo period. Wander through this area and have a poke around the various shops. The surrounding forested mountains and Miyagawa River flowing nearby provide the perfect backdrop.

Rest and recharge for lunch which features local delicacies of the region where Hida beef is the star of the show. Depending on the departure date, you may enjoy this prized meat in either a sukiyaki or shabu-shabu style.

Photo taken by: rakuten

With bellies full, make your way to the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go which is famous for its unique “Gassho-zukuri” style thatched-roof houses. Explore this special village to get a true sense of what rural life in Japan was like. Beautiful all-year round, make sure to snap some photos from the various observation decks before boarding the bus to return to Nagoya.

Photo taken by: jw-webmagazine

Experience Hokkaido, Furano & Biei 

Feel the flower power of Furano and Biei with a day in the heavenly scents, dazzling sights, and stunning vistas of the vast lavender fields and other natural beauty of the region.

Furano. Photo taken by: en.seeing-japan

The vast fields of indigo flowers and heavenly scents of lavender that waft from the gardens of Furano and Biei make them a must view on any trip to Hokkaido. Hokkaido's most colorful spots, such as Farm Tomita and Shikisai Hill, both some of Japan's most renowned flower gardens are found here. The stunning scenery and gorgeous views are something straight from the pages of a storybook! Savour a hearty buffet-style lunch at the New Furano Prince Hotel, which also happens to be a filming location for the Japanese drama Kaze no Garden. Whilst driving through rolling hills, or strolling amid a stunning field of lavender, you will definitely fall in love with Furano and Biei.

Blue pond. Photo taken by: tripzilla

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